Ambien Withdrawal Symptoms

Ambien Withdrawal Symptoms

Ambien withdrawal symptoms, similar to other CNS depressants, cause some unpleasant reactions when one stops the drug. To help prevent withdrawals, the FDA recommends only using sleeping medications such as Ambien for a short period.

Often, however, the prescription is continued despite these warnings. Even so, withdrawals can also occur only after using the drug for a very short time. Continuing to prescribe the drug provides a short-sighted solution to withdrawals since doing so just kicks the proverbial can down the road. Stopping without careful tapering protocols subjects the person to various health risks and significant health problems. Despite all of these risks, Ambien is one of the most frequently prescribed sleeping pills in the US.

The CITAP (Council for Information on Tranquilizers, Antidepressants, and Painkillers) considers sleeping drugs such as Ambien virtually identical to benzodiazepines, but with another name attached to them. Chemically, they are different but do act in similar ways on neurochemistry. So, managing withdrawals should follow similar guidelines. The FDA and other regulatory bodies recommend slow tapering after as little as two weeks on Ambien.

In a medically supervised Ambien discontinuation process, sedatives are required to avoid the risks of heart palpitations and seizures.

Common Discontinuation Symptoms

Some of the most reported Ambien withdrawal symptoms include rebound insomnia, panic attacks, palpitations, and seizures. As mentioned above, these withdrawals can occur even after one or two weeks on the medication. Other common discontinuation effects are sweating, irritability, agitation, stomach cramps, vomiting, anxiety, high blood pressure, fever, uncontrollable crying, deepened depression, flushing, lightheadedness, shaking, tremors, and increased fatigue. Similar to most other drugs, withdrawal from Ambien has the opposite effect of taking the medication.

Ambien and Amnesia

Lawsuits have been filed against the makers of Ambien because the drug induced amnesia some hours after taking the drug. What can occur is the person, still under the influence of the drug, "awakens", and can begin sleepwalking, sleep-eating, sleep-driving, and other activities that the person is not conscious of and will not remember afterward. Not only is this disruptive of sleep, but it can also put the person at risk of accidents, burning down the house, or injuring others while sleep-driving.

One such case in 2013 reported a man on Ambien sleep-drove his car into a light pole, and couldn't remember how he got there. Other people on the drug have ended up in police stations, in the middle of the night, not aware of the accidents or injuries for which police apprehended them. Induced amnesia provides one excellent reason to decide to come off such a drug, despite the difficulties of the withdrawals that may ensue.

Holistic Treatment for Insomnia

Medical literature tells us that insomnia affects one-third of adult Americans. Modern life can be stressful and subjects us every day to stressors that can keep us awake at night. The stresses of the workplace, family pressures, financial worries, all can have detrimental effects on our ability to get adequate sleep. Add to that the poor quality of nutrition in our processed foods, harsh chemicals used in cleaning products, air, and water pollutants, and one can begin to understand there are so many environmental neurotoxins invading and overstimulating our CNS. Especially when attempting to overcome the problems sleeping pills can cause, it makes good health sense to resolve the causes of insomnia for once and for all. We can help.

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