Lamotrigine Addiction

Lamotrigine Addiction

Alternative to Meds Center is an expert on providing solutions for lamotrigine (Lamictal) addiction, withdrawal relief, and alternative treatment plans.

Lamotrigine, Lamictal, is not known as an addictive medication. However, after long term consumption, Lamotrigine dependence is very likely. Many users of this medication attempt to discontinue its use only to discover painful Lamotrigine withdrawal effects. Since Lamotrigine is an antiepileptic drug as well as a mood stabilizer, users often experience seizures when abruptly discontinuing Lamotrigine. Having professional Lamotrigine addiction help is critical in preventing painful and potentially dangerous side effects.

Those who are troubled by Lamotrigine related issues can easily move away from these problems through sustainable and customized alternatives. Many people encounter side effects, tolerance, dependence, and other issues with this medication but may fear the withdrawal process. Alternative to Meds Center has created specific techniques of transitioning a person through withdrawal. This allows for the fear of medication discontinuation to dissipate.

Other than seizures, addition symptoms of this withdrawal can include brain fog, dizziness, fatigue, weight changes, lethargy, and appetite changes. It is essential to remove this medication from the body slowly and professionally to avoid acute symptoms of withdrawal. Even after Lamotrigine dependence has been treated, people often report ongoing side effects that remain active long after the initial withdrawal. This is likely due to the untreated mental health symptoms Lamotrigine was prescribed for, and also because trace amounts of the drug are still lingering in the body.

Lamotrigine is prescribed not only for epilepsy, but also for bipolar disorder, mania, depression, psychosis, manic depressive disorder, and other mood-related disorders. It’s important for individuals to know that this medication is not necessary to treat mental health symptoms.

What are Lamotrigine alternatives? We offer the following modalities to efficiently taper off of this medication. We provide lab testing for an in depth investigation into what is causing the symptoms this medication was prescribed for. We most commonly discover toxicity as a main contributor, and start to focus on body detoxification and neurotoxin removal.

Our rehab program also uses natural substances that are specifically aimed to stabilize the neurochemistry, removal of neurotoxins that have been environmentally accumulated within the body, IV amino acid therapy and additional nutritional therapy, peer support, social support, yoga, personal exercise training, massage therapy, lamotrigine tapering, and other holistic treatments that will address anticipated symptoms of antipsychotic withdrawal. When the individual feels sedated and stable during Lamotrigine addiction treatment, their medication can slowly be tapered and adjusted as needed. We invite your call so we can talk, and you can receive an idea of the kind of lamotrigine withdrawal help that’s available.

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