Clozaril Addiction

Clozaril Addiction

Alternative to Meds Center provides expert Clozaril addiction help for individuals seeking alternatives to Clozaril dependence. We offer proven methods of Clozaril dependence treatment, greatly minimizing withdrawal effects and simplifying the process of becoming medication-free.

What is Clozaril?

Clozaril ( Clozapine ) is a powerful antipsychotic prescribed for schizophrenia. Individuals are commonly prescribed these medications whilst experiencing a psychotic break or following the ineffectiveness of other drugs. While psycho-pharmaceuticals seem to help control symptoms, the downsides typically outweigh the benefits, and these medications are not usually tolerated after long-term use. The pronounced side effects of Clozaril are often perceived as better than facing antipsychotic withdrawal.

Clozaril is often prescribed to people who don’t respond well to other psych meds. Due to it’s possibly dangerous side effects and intense withdrawal effects, this medication is prescribed with caution. There are serious reasons why a person may wish to stop taking this drug, including an alarming reduction in white blood cells. White blood cells fight infections. With a critical white blood cell reduction, life-threatening infections can occur. In unsafe situations related to white blood cells, Clozaril dependence must be treated immediately. For most people, the desire to stop taking this medication is due to side effects, ineffectiveness, or feeling medicated.

How does Clozaril work?

Antipsychotics restrict excitatory dopamine, and alter the synapse in the brain, this is part of what causes antipsychotic withdrawal when stopping Clozaril. Dopamine is what stimulates the original nerve’s impulse response to the receptors of the following nerve. The synapse is where one nerve communicates to the next nerve. When a drug has caused dopamine levels to become low, the person’s neurology is altered, creating additional Dopamine receptors. When the medication is stopped, more Dopamine is released. However, there are too many Dopamine receptors for the Dopamine to reach.

Is it possible to stop taking Clozaril?

People are often told that they must take medication for their entire life. This can be a very discouraging thing to hear. While withdrawal is usually incredibly hard to overcome at home, alone; it is entirely possible in a safe, comfortable way. Alternative to Meds Center administers the following techniques for a gentle, effective withdrawal. First, we lab test to make underlying causes of symptoms visible. Toxicity is the most common cause, which can result from genetic or environmental sources. Our goal is clearing these toxins out. Therefore, we limit processed food, caffeine, sugar, and cigarettes while using supplements that are specifically targeted to support inhibitory aspects of the neurochemistry.

The neurochemistry can be stabilized with: Clozaril alternatives and natural substances, removal of accumulated neurotoxins, amino acids, customized nutritional treatment, exercise, holistic treatments, and orthomolecular medicine to guide Clozaril tapering and alleviate expected Clozaril withdrawal symptoms. Clozaril can be decreased at a steady rate once the client feels the relaxing and stabilizing effects from our arsenal of treatments.

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