Lyle Murphy
Founder of ATMC

author reviewer lyle murphy atmc founderLyle Murphy is the founder of Alternative to Meds Center. Lyle did his pre-med scholastics at West Georgia University receiving the only recommendation for advancement to medical school in his class. Though accepted to Emory Medical School, he instead chose to attend Life University school of Chiropractic because of their naturalistic approach.

Immediately after completion of chiropractic school, Lyle suffered a low blood sugar event that resulted in a crisis. Hallucinating for no known reason, Lyle was justifiably concerned and went to the emergency room. While at the hospital and trying to differentially diagnose himself, Lyle insisted on a blood sugar test as it seemed the only logical conclusion. The result was 39 mg/dL, which is deathly low, yet, instead of the hospital appropriately treating an obvious medical situation, he was given a Haldol injection and soon after dropped into a low blood sugar coma for 2 weeks. He suffered stroke-like residuals and had to re-learn how to talk, walk, and communicate all over again without any professional help or hope. Still highly impaired after ten years and looking forward to, at best, living a disabled life, he made a full recovery after engaging in some of the modalities similar to those offered at Alternative to Meds Center. This gave him a potent exposure to how inadequate the mental health system truly is.

He has since dedicated his life to holistic mental health and furthered his education to receive a post-doctoral certificate from SpiritMed in environmental medicine. He trains doctors in medication reduction techniques and has authored much of the philosophy of Alternative to Meds.

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