Elavil Side Effects

Elavil Side Effects

At Alternative to Meds Center, we offer methods of treatment that may be superior to taking Elavil and struggling with Elavil side effects.

Side effects of Elavil, also known as Amitriptyline, have been examined during clinical trials, in which many individuals have been evaluated. In such trial studies, side effects occurring in one group of individuals taking the medication are compared and documented with the side effects experienced by another group of individuals taking a placebo (an inactive “sugar pill”). As a result, it’s possible to see which side effects occurred, the frequency in which they appeared, and the way they differ in comparison to individuals not taking the drug. Some side effects occur more frequently than others and some more rarely, some are considered harmless and some potentially dangerous. Some Amitriptyline side effects are even enough of a reason for users to stop taking their medication.

Elavil withdrawal side effects are often reported from people who suddenly stop taking their medication, these side effects of Elavil withdrawal include: headache, nausea, restlessness, irritability, and sleep disturbances or insomnia. While antidepressant side effects are legitimate reasons to end treatment with this medication, it is important to do so properly, slowly, under medical care in order to avoid (as much as possible) this realm of Elavil side effects. The most common side effects from regular use of this antidepressant, based on the studies, include but aren’t limited to: dizziness, lightheadedness, constipation, confusion, dry mouth, difficulty urinating, hair loss, Elavil weight gain, weight loss, erectile dysfunction (impotence), changes in sex drive (libido), blood sugar level changes, and increased sweating. Our rehab provides comprehensive methods of help to alleviate medication side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

While the abovementioned side effects are not considered serious, if they are bothersome, then they are serious and alternative treatment options should be discussed. All antidepressant side effects should be reported and taken seriously, however, there are some Amitriptyline side effects which are known to be more serious, but less common, and should receive medical attention. These serious Tricyclyic antidepressant side effects include: a stroke or heart attack, arrhythmia (heart rhythm changes), tachycardia (fast heart rate), palpitations (feelings of forcefully or rapidly beating heart), seizures, hallucination, delusions, confusion, and signs that an allergic reaction is occurring (unexplained rash, unexplained swelling, hives, itching, wheezing, difficulty swallowing, or difficulty breathing). These are the reasons why it is encouraged to seek Elavil side effects help if any side effect is noticed while taking this medication.

Other very serious Elavil medication side effects include any breast changes, such as breast discharge or breast enlargement, swelling of testicles, suicidal thoughts or attempts, panic attacks, agitation, anxiety, and jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes). Many individuals are initially given an antidepressant drug before there has been any substantial amount of investigative effort as to finding why they are depressed. Are they really only low Serotonin (the common blame for depression) and that is all? What if they have low thyroid? What if they have accumulated environmental neurotoxins like toxic heavy metals which ruin energy metabolism? Or food allergies which cause internal swelling that slows metabolism may also play a role. In our drug help program, we look at all of the possible underlying causes of why a person is taking Elavil for pain or depression to begin with.

For most individuals, they begin taking the medication during a traumatic time in their life, and years later they find themselves still on the drug struggling with Elavil medication side effects and symptoms of withdrawal if they try to stop the medication. The Alternative to Meds Center drug help curriculum aims to discover what the medical reasons may be for why a person is depressed or in pain. Our program includes lab testing, cessation of environmental neurotoxins that have accumulated in the body, medication withdrawal methods, stabilizing the neurochemistry through using natural substances, IV amino therapies and other nutritional therapy, support from peers, massage therapy, yoga, exercise, personal training, and natural therapies targeted to fight depression. Combining all of this with figuring out the reasons why the individual was depressed originally can create success and happiness that is long-lasting, medication free.

In Alternative to Meds Center’s rehab, success is being created and discovered daily. To praise our participants for their amazing accomplishments, there are weekly graduations. We have about 50 people at each graduation, including family members and friends of participants. The stories told during these times are some unbelievable tales, sometimes they recount endless years of endless pain, and these stories are able to be talked about now with clarity and simplicity that is unbelievable. This is quite inspiring for us when we watch all of this knowing our participants are leaving here with the necessary tools to successfully hold up a lifestyle which is healthy and happy and be a symbol of inspiration to other people. You are invited to call us and talk anytime, and find out about the sort of Elavil side effects help available.

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