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antidepressant addiction

Antidepressant Addiction

At Alternative to Meds Center, we know that there are effective methods available to overcome antidepressant addiction and avoid a lifetime of antidepressant side effects.

The mind adapts to antidepressants in ways that cause challenging withdrawal side effects to occur when these drugs are discontinued. Alternative to Meds Center has created unique methods of antidepressant addiction help that efficiently eliminate withdrawal symptoms and address the underlying problems that initially led to antidepressant dependence. Do you wish to see someone that you truly love, or see you, yourself, start living life in ways you know are within reach?

Do you want to get off antidepressants but withdrawal symptoms and cravings concern you?

The need for antidepressant addiction treatment is on the rise. Addiction to antidepressants can stem from a physical dependency on these medications or long term use. These drugs take the depression away temporarily. Most people do not want to feel depressed but perhaps have never been given adequate help on how to address depression without drugs. Once they have been taking a drug for depression and their depression fades away, this makes many people happy and not wanting to be without these drugs. The way antidepressants are advertised makes them almost sound like a legal version of opium; antidepressant drugs are described as something to make depression disappear and restore euphoria in life. Prescription drugs do not cure or fix depressive symptoms, but they lessen the ability to feel depression while they are in your system. But if you stop taking them you are right back where you started. Nothing was actually cured. So why would a person feel any different? The Alternative to Meds Center addresses addiction and withdrawal, as well as the underlying reasons that resulted in antidepressant addiction. You don’t have to decide between depression and being medicated. There are other ways to treat depression that are sustainable for the long haul.

Are antidepressants addictive?

They can be. Some form of rehabilitation is often needed for addiction to or dependence on selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors ( SSRIs ) or selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors ( SNRI’s ). These dependencies are real addictions, but many people do not recognize that they are addicted to antidepressants because a medical health care professional prescribed it to them. People can develop the same physical ( and mental ) dependency upon antidepressants as a person would from using heroin. People usually require professional antidepressant addiction help and alternative mental health therapies when trying to end addiction to antidepressants.

Withdrawal adverse effects and cravings can be effectively eliminated.

Many people, both physically and mentally, became unwittingly dependent upon a depression medication without wanting to be. Other people, on the other hand, are aware that they need and want to take anti-depression drugs willingly, to make them happy. They may even abuse their drugs and take more than prescribed to relieve depression. Antidepressant abuse can cause a barrage of problems including SSRI or SNRI addiction and antidepressant withdrawal. Physical dependence and addiction to these drugs are common reasons for discontinuation of their use. Antidepressant medication withdrawal should not be attempted without professional antidepressant addiction recovery treatment. Many people are highly misinformed about the potentials of antidepressant addiction. Individuals may also be misinformed about antidepressant withdrawal, and side effects of SSRIs, SNRI’s and other antidepressant drugs.

Antidepressants are not the only option for depression.

getting help with antidepressant addiction

Most of the time, a person is given an antidepressant before there has been any real effort into investigating why the person is depressed. There may have been no exploring alternatives to psychiatric (drugging) approaches. Does this person just have low serotonin and there are no other contributing factors? Is there a low thyroid problem? Or, is there an accumulative presence of environmental neurotoxins like heavy toxic metals that can devastate energy metabolism? Allergies to food, which can cause internal swelling that slows down metabolism, may also be a factor. Or, is the individual’s diet so poor in vitamins and nutrients, they may not be able to create what is required for proper brain health? Often we forget that the same assaults of an undernourished diet that our bodies are subjected to; can also assault our brain. And maybe the person is just involved in an unsatisfactory lifestyle and requires a more supportive environment and some guidance to make positive changes.

Using investigative methods, we discover and correct any underlying issues that are contributing reasons for why a person became addicted to antidepressants.

For many persons, antidepressant medications are prescribed during an emotionally traumatic time. Some number of years can go by, and they are still on the medication. Yet they will suffer antidepressant withdrawal symptoms if they attempt to come off of the drug. At Alternative to Meds Center’s treatment facility, we discover the medical causes of why an individual may be depressed or suffering from other symptoms. Our drug rehab program includes lab testing to identify these causes, provides alternative to psychiatry approaches, orthomolecular medicine, natural substances to stabilize and support the neurochemistry, cleansing of the body to remove environmentally accumulated neurotoxins, medication withdrawal techniques, peer support, massage, orthomolecular medicine, nutrient therapies, supplementation, personal exercise training, counseling, yoga, and alternative mental health therapies equipped to provide comfortable and effective antidepressant addiction treatment.

Do you want genuinely efficient help for an addictive biochemistry?

At Alternative to Meds Center, we find success every day. Every week, we have graduation parties to celebrate the success of participants who were previously addicted to antidepressants or other substances. Graduation attendees include friends and family, staff and other residents. Mind-blowing stories are spoken about at graduations, sometimes recounting many years of suffering, with remarkable clarity. Seeing this inspires us, knowing that the participant has the tools to continue a healthy lifestyle and become an encouragement to others. You are invited to call us at the number listed on this page and we can have a meaningful conversation, and you can find out about the kind of help that is available. The scientific approach we employ has helped thousands beat antidepressant addiction and continue life without lingering problems.

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