Natural Mental Health Addiction Treatment Services

Natural mental health addiction treatment

Our mental health and addiction treatment services are natural, non-toxic and are in alignment with the true physiological processes of the body.

Our residents’ mental health and addiction treatment services are considered natural, non-toxic and are in alignment with the true physiological processes of the body. Our licensed mental health treatments are aimed at lowering, and where possible, eliminating psychiatric medication. The addiction services we provide include addressing the addictive biochemistry that may be driving addiction and other mental health issues. We also use what is called environmental medicine, a natural approach to clear out accumulated neurotoxic burden from our environment. Other natural treatments include targeted nutritional supplementation, organic and whole foods, counseling, and heavy metal removal (chelation).

We immerse residents in natural lifestyles that they are capable of sustaining after they leave our care.

Natural mental health addiction treatment services

Our goal is to help a person convert from a primary dependence on drugs and medications to a natural and holistically balanced lifestyle. We are a Level 2 licensed Residential Behavioral Health Center capable of providing medication monitoring, behavioral health staff and counseling to make this transition possible. It is a deep immersion into a community under supervision of staff who live the lifestyle, and many of whom have overcome similar problems and therefore can provide compassionate care to the residents. A large part of our philosophy says that toxic impairment can be a factor in mental health. To alleviate toxicity the resident will be participating in natural detoxification processes such as sauna, colonics, ionic foot baths and heavy metal chelation.

Our methods work to correct the problems that Western lifestyles often create.

We often lose sight that our deviation from a natural lifestyle and a natural environment may be contributing to an overall decrease in mental and physical wellness. And, in this world with its tendency to limit our healthy choices due to time constraints or other reasons, it can be difficult to impossible to maintain a regimen on ones own that is going to encompass all the factors necessary for recovery of addiction, for both physical and mental health. Our program is an immersion into a natural lifestyle, one that the resident is well versed in maintaining by the time they are ready to leave. You can find out more information by contacting us on the toll free number listed on this page.

We are always happy to assist families and individuals who are gathering information in preparation for selecting the right program.

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