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Holistic Treatment for Emotional Symptoms

The brain itself is a biochemical organ, subject to neurotoxic poisoning from environmental exposure and nutritional deficiencies.

Often times, people tend to blame the external factors of life for being the source of their suffering and disregard the internal, biophysical components. By addressing both these psychosocial and other external dynamics, as well as the internal biophysiology, we can typically address a wide range of emotional ailments.


emotional symptomsWhen Joseph was a child of 6, he often sailed on Viking Ships, piloted jet aircraft, and talked with Kings and Queens. We would be concerned if, by the age of 12, he was still manifesting these beliefs to the exclusion of any other thoughts or activities. However, now that Joseph is 72 and a retired salesman, he spends his time building model Viking ships and planes which he gifts to his grandchildren, managing his retirement investments, and holidaying in the Bahamas with his wife of 50 years. Joseph still has his boyhood fantasies and dreams, but is not experiencing delusional symptoms.

Delusions can come in all forms, and are commonly treated with unnecessary prescription drugs.

Joseph had a son, Mark, who experimented with drugs and alcohol at the age of 19, and was under a lot of stress relating to his upcoming college exams. Mark gradually became more and more delusional, being convinced that the CIA was tailing him and even had microphones hidden under the carpets. He even refused to sleep for fear of being “taken in the night.” Mark’s health rapidly deteriorated, and he suffered a breakdown and had to be hospitalized. During the course of his treatment he was given powerful drugs which numbed his mind and finally allowed him to sleep. With these drugs, though, he did not do much else than sleep during this time.

Through correcting what is going on under the surface, relief can occur without taking mind numbing drugs.

After 3 months of hospitalization, Joseph found a physician who was also a naturopath, who advised some testing to see if there were any physical areas that needed correcting, such as blood sugar levels, toxicity, glandular or hormone anomalies, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. When the testing was done, specific problems in all of the above areas were found. With proper rest, proper nutritional correction, and corrective delusion treatment, Mark was able to wean off the medications and gradually regain his strength and mental clarity. His symptoms of delusions abated completely. Now Mark has graduated college and has a family of his own. He steadfastly keeps his diet and sleep patterns in a healthy way and has not relapsed in over 12 years.

Customized counseling, diet, lifestyle changes, nutrition therapies, exercise, and more can help bring your body and mind into balance and relieve delusional symptoms.

These are the kinds of stories that are experienced more commonly than one might expect. However, not all are as fortunate as Mark who was able to recover from his delusional symptoms with the correct help. If one is suffering from such symptoms that are spiraling out of control, it is recommended to contact us for a free consultation to see if the symptoms can be addressed in an effective and safe way. We also offer tapering programs for Clozaril withdrawal and many other drugs. Call today to find out how we may be able to assist one who seeks the path to sustainable health and wellness.

Discontinuation Syndrome

Discontinuation syndrome, also known as protracted withdrawal is a relatively newly coined phrase to describe what happens when a person comes off their antidepressant, benzodiazepine, or antipsychotic medication too abruptly.

discontinuationA person who tries to come off their Lexapro, Prozac, Venlafaxine, Wellbutrin, Celexa, Pristiq, Cipralex or any of the thousands and thousands of addictive prescription drugs will, in from 22 – 80% of all cases, according to the Massachusetts General Hospital studies done, have trouble with and be unable to discontinue taking these drugs. The discomforts associated with this situation can include electrical zaps, prickly or tingly skin, muscle freeze or dyscoordination, headache, vertigo, nausea, and others.

Unfortunately, these discontinuation syndrome symptoms can be very long lasting, very uncomfortable, and in some cases of abrupt cessation, seizures or even death can occur. It is for these reasons that medical help should be sought in attempting to withdraw from these powerful medications, even when taken for a relatively short time span.

Our discontinuation syndrome treatments can relieve the symptoms that would typically be endured during an at-home withdrawal.

If a person has been prescribed an antidepressant, benzodiazepine, SSRI, opiate or antipsychotic and later wants to come off the drug, it should always be done under medical supervision as there are likely additional steps to the process that experts can provide to make the process as comfortable and safe as possible. More than simply titrating bit by bit over a long period of time, other effective means of ensuring wellness can be employed.

Beneficial methods typically include assessing existing nutritional and other deficiencies, and proper correction of these through various means such as oral supplements, IV nutrients and other means. In this way, the balance of the body can be restored during the titration process, allowing the process to be faster and more comfortable. Not only can nutritional deficiencies be found, but also the toxic load that has accumulated over years can be assessed and isolated and once eliminated, the discontinuation syndrome symptoms can be considerably lessened. Discontinuation syndrome or protracted withdrawal is a debilitating condition to be suffering from and is in many cases easily mitigated by preparation and proper titration methodologies.

With proper treatment and medical care, discontinuation syndrome can be addressed with comfort and safety.

At Alternative to Meds Center in we strive to offer the absolutely most healthful and restorative protocols which can ease the symptoms of discontinuation syndrome. The sooner one begins to address the situation, the sooner one can regain their health and full capacity. If after taking drugs like Cipralex, Lexapro, Wellbutrin, Oxycontin, and so on, there is any concern about discontinuation syndrome occurring, call us for more information on how Alternative to Meds Center can assist someone with discontinuation syndrome, or be successful in avoiding it altogether, using proper titration support methods.

Discontinuation syndrome should not be faced alone, we invite you to call us today and share your struggle with one of our trained staff.

Emotional Pain

Emotional pain can feel just as, or even more, intense as physical pain.

emotional painHuman beings are able to withstand much; during war, when personal tragedy strikes, in illness, yet one still goes on as best as one can. There is the idea that these things are overcome-able, that there will be a point where relief of some sort is felt. The war will end. The leg will heal. There is strength and much empowerment in such hope. Hope is documented to be a powerful force.

But what about dealing with a seemingly endless daily routine of dark days, followed by even darker days, feeling like one is imprisoned by this extremely dark cloud of symptoms that clings to everything around one. When hope is gone, the psychiatrist calls that “depression”. The answer for it has become simply to medicate. Or, is it that simple? Many things can lead to the emotional pain symptoms and “depression” and it is possible that true relief needs to look at a wide horizon of possible contributory factors. Environmental factors can be addressed, one example of which might be ensuring one is compensating for lack of sunshine during winter months. Lab testing can be utilized to investigate whether deficiencies play a role, or allergies, or toxic burden to name just a few. One cannot live a full and satisfying life unless one is given the tools to overcome the emotional pain of depression.

Our approach is to leave no stone unturned on the search for underlying causes of emotional pain.

At Alternative to Meds Center, the staff understand the overwhelm of depression. The staff also understand that simply medicating the emotional pain very often does not result in effective or lasting curative results. Call to speak with our knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions about non harmful emotional pain treatment.

Speak up. Call to speak with someone knowledgeable who can answer your questions about non harmful ways to overcome the emotional pain of depression.

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hallucinationsWhen one hears the word hallucinations, one probably does not immediately think of classical music, or the subject of electrical engineering. However, had Mozart and Beethoven not experienced the auditory hallucination symptoms that they reportedly did, it is very likely that we would not today have the pleasure of hearing the resulting musical legacy that was thankfully written and handed down through the last century. By his own recounting, Nicola Tesla’s wild and vivid visual hallucination symptoms provided him directly with the blueprint for the invention of the AC generator, which has since revolutionized life around the globe.

So what are hallucinations, and how should we feel about them?

In current times we have been led to believe that hallucinations, whether visual or auditory or of other senses, are equivalent to extreme mental illness, and are to be feared, hidden, and gotten rid of as fast and thoroughly as possible. Certainly when treating a person in the throes of alcohol withdrawal and delirium tremens, hallucinations are a signal that all is not well. But it may be that the hallucination has been given more spotlight than prudent. Perhaps it is not the hallucination itself that needs to be treated, it is more likely the presence of toxicity of the body, or the deficiencies of certain life sustaining elements such as vitamins and minerals, that once treated, then produce a return to clear, calm and logical thought processes.

It seems almost as if the current medical assessment views only the symptoms as things needing to be treatment actions to correct the situation.

If one is suffering from hallucinations, there may be a way to approach the situation without the use of heavy drugs which could unfortunately permanently disable the patient. To find out more about this sensitive and important topic, call us to speak with one of our dedicated staff who can give much more information on what hallucination treatments are possible here, and thereby get on the path to true and stable health and wellness. We also offer tapering programs for Clozaril withdrawal and many other drugs. We are happy to help you achieve the best treatment possible for your specific needs.


Hyperactivity may be challenging, but not nearly as challenging as the side effects of the medications that are prescribed in traditional treatment.

hyperactivityThe psychiatrist who authored the term ADHD, Leon Eissenberg, confessed on his deathbed in 2012 that ADHD was a fictitious term. The term was coined in 1968, and since then 56 million children have been put on medication to treat this fictitious disease. Often, sugar was pointed to as a cause for hyperactivity symptoms in children however, studies find that food additives, more than sugar, in children and also in adults have been proven conclusively to cause hyperactive behavior.

There have been numerous double blind tests on hundreds and hundreds of normal preschool and school aged kids which clearly show this relationship. The term hyperactive along with ADD and ADHD has been touted and thrown around in the pharmaceutical industry for several decades now, as part of a campaign to get youngsters and indeed adults on legal drugs. These legal drugs are not only not helping, they maim and cause a person to suicide. As we know now, these drugs are connected to every single school shooting on record. How could this happen?

Hyperactivity was marketed by the pharmaceutical companies as a valid medical term. In fact, hyperactivity may be a legitimate term, but its “treatment” was certainly not a legitimate one, and did not alleviate the cause of the hyperactivity in a non harmful way. This hyperactivity craze has saturated the entire age gamut since the beginnings of its being promoted by the pharmaceutical industry, so that now adults and even seniors are diagnosed with this condition, and the mainline treatment is the same hyperactivity treatment drugs, ( speed, Ritalin, or derivatives ) as are prescribed for youth. Agitation and anxiety are common symptoms caused by toxins and food additives, and yet these factors are usually disregarded completely.

Agitation and anxiety are commonly caused by toxins and food additives, and yet these factors are usually disregarded completely.

If one has become disillusioned with a given diagnosis, and has been diagnosed with a fictitious diagnosis, and no real help has been received towards regaining health and true wellness, perhaps Alternative to Meds Center can come to the rescue. Call to speak to a knowledgeable staff consultant ( who has suffered the same pain as you and has since found the real answer to the problem ), will be available for consultation about the methods used at the center. One need not continue to suffer.

We are here to help you recover your health.

Inability to Sleep

With the cutting edge technology available at Alternative to Meds Center, transitory, acute or chronic insomnia and its related symptoms can be treated toward a very effective resolution.

insomniaInsomnia is a troubling condition which can be transitory ( lasting no more than a few days or a week ), acute ( lasting a week or more ), or chronic ( lasting a month or more ). Whether it is financial worries leading to insomnia symptoms, or less definable factors, stresses of whatever nature leading to insomnia can take their toll on quality of sleep and quality of life. With cutting edge technology available at Alternative to Meds Center, these factors can be treated toward a very effective resolution of insomnia and its related symptoms.

Insomnia is a frequently occurring problem that can have significantly negative impacts on one’s daily life.

Medications such as benzodiazepines, barbiturates and others are available for traditional insomnia treatment. However, due to the risk factors associated with becoming dependent on them, or experiencing daytime ill effects, it is thought that non-medication based solutions like CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Counseling) or relaxation techniques, have superior and in fact longer lasting positive effects and relief from insomnia and its symptoms.

Though there can be a wide number of reasons ( not uncommonly toxicity issues ) that skew the normal production and distribution of sleep neurohormones, Mercury has been found to be the most typical of these toxic substances. Mercury is a common toxin from dentistry and other sources, and it directly disables the conversion of the neurotransmitter Serotonin to sleep-inducing Melatonin in the brain. And, in cases such as this, just taking Melatonin will not alleviate this mechanism. Therefore purging mercury from the body would be a preferred treatment to use along with all of the above in relieving the condition of insomnia and its related symptoms.

We aim to correct the underlying problems that may be causing insomnia so that with treatment our clients can achieve relief without the use of drugs.

In treating symptoms like insomnia at Alternative to Meds Center, we strive to achieve wellness without medication, and the related symptoms of insomnia are addressed in a holistic way to provide relief and long lasting positive change. We offer tapering programs for Diazepam withdrawal and many other drugs. We have proven that our treatment protocols are effective and have helped many clients who suffered for years with insomnia. Don’t suffer any longer! Call us today for more information on how we can effectively provide sound treatment for the condition of insomnia.

Mood Swings

mood swingsMood swings frequently affect a broad range of individuals who are often unable to permanently manage these with medication alone.

At Alternative to Meds Center, we consider that each man or woman has his or her own unique cellular landscape, and this is why lab testing is so useful. Taking the guesswork out of finding out where the deficiencies and toxic loads are is not only time-saving, it can mean a return to a higher quality of life.

Mood Swings Are Overly Intensified Versions of Normal Emotional Responses

Variation in mood is sort of an indicator that one is alive.1 It’s a good thing. Mood swings are a more intensified and excessive version of what would normally be an expected emotional response. Some women have intense mood swings “out of the blue” or that coincide with PMS. Men also experience mood swings that are excessive and uncomfortable. At Alternative to Meds Center, we have found that excessive mood swings are almost always due to physiological issues such as blood sugar, food allergies, or other variations in normal chemistry. Different responses to different stimuli are healthy.

The trouble with mood swings that occur too often, or over too wide a range, is that these wild changes can leave one in a condition of unpredictability, upset, and emotional exhaustion. If one is not living in a battle zone, yet is excessively swinging daily from fear to euphoria to rage to hysteria in a more or less haphazard way, one would consider mood swings of this severity to be an extremely troubling condition.2

Research Has Revealed Safe, Effective Treatments

Research has begun to show some interesting and useful facts concerning mood disorders that can open the door to a resolution of the problem. Nutrition and diet, and specific lab tests for certain deficiencies have now shown great success as treatment factors to help stabilize repeating and excessive mood swings.3

Certain recommendations can alleviate most if not all of this problem and its symptoms. Simply trying to chase each symptom of a mood swing with a different prescription has shown to be fruitless, and even harmful, causing the mood swings to spiral even further out of control.

As stated above, we consider that each man or woman has their own unique cellular landscape, and this is why lab testing is so useful. Taking the guesswork out of finding out where the deficiencies and toxic loads are, is not only time saving, it can mean a return to a higher quality of life.4

Holistic Treatment at Alternative to Meds Center

Our drug-free treatment methods have helped more than a thousand people to achieve mental health without the use of prescription drugs. Our published documented successes show that it is indeed possible to find relief from mood swings and other mental health concerns with drug-free treatments.5

For more information concerning treatments for mood swings and similar symptoms which are available with us, call us, and one of our helpful staff would be happy to discuss how these protocols could help one to regain and sustain wellness.

If you have already become dependent on mood-stabilizing drugs, and wish to consider safely tapering, we can help. We offer healthy drug discontinuation programs, such as Geodon withdrawal as well as many other drugs used to dampen emotions. We have treated many suffering from mood swings with natural treatments. We would be happy to provide information that may make the decision-making process of where to seek natural remedies for mood swings very much clearer for our future clients.

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Panic Attacks

When panic attack symptoms happen repeatedly, one desperately wants them to stop happening.

panicThere may be few things more terrorizing than experiencing a panic attack. For those who have been lucky enough not to know what one feels like, here is a brief description. When one suffers a panic attack, one experiences a very sudden onset of symptoms like extreme fear and apprehension, shortness of breath, commonly accompanied by a strong feeling that they must escape from wherever the panic attack started. Think of sitting in your home at night, and everything is quiet. Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone is pounding loudly on your door! Think of how upsetting and frightening that could be. At these moments, adrenaline is being pumped into the bloodstream which is the source of this “fight or flight” response. It is not uncommon for the feelings to subside in about 10 minutes, but can linger for much longer before it stops completely. Additionally, the fear of having another panic attack occur can sometimes cause great distress over long periods of time.

Living with panic and fear can seriously hinder one’s life, however, there are ways to correct and relieve these problems.

An all too common panic attack treatment is to medicate the person with benzodiazepines, or SSRI ( antidepressant ) medications. But because there can be all manners of underlying reasons for the body to suddenly dump adrenaline into the bloodstream, this short sighted treatment can actually prolong the suffering of an individual who is experiencing panic attacks. Such things as parasites have been found as one causal factor in panic attacks. Some medications themselves cause panic attacks, as do certain food additives and toxic chemicals that could be in the air or food we eat or water we drink. Aspartame and other toxic chemicals in food, food additives commonly found at the grocery store, have been linked to panic attacks. There can be many triggers which are somewhat hard to spot, without professional help and testing for these.

Our methods are drug-free and aim to discover the underlying causes of panic, which allows us to provide customized treatment that leads to sustainable relief in most cases.

Often, the solution to something as upsetting as panic attacks can be isolated and treated through simple lab testing and going over a full history of the individual for clues as to what may have been the precursors to these debilitating attacks. We offer tapering programs for Librium withdrawal and many other drugs. We have an open invitation for anyone to call us for more information on how the center and it’s cutting edge holistic protocols may be able to assist and provide relief for the symptoms of panic attacks and many other conditions.


Paranoia can greatly hinder one’s life, and we can help bring this symptom into balance naturally.

paranoiaHere is some good news concerning paranoia: since those suffering from extreme paranoia symptoms will not usually overtly seek treatment, it is likely that if one is reading this then one is not a hopeless case because effective paranoia treatments are available. Almost everyone at some point or another will experience feelings of suspicion, even if when it might be considered illogical to do so. “Is that cop over there looking at me?” while one is driving through a populated urban area. Or after a visit to the casino, one can wonder was one’s wallet secretly tampered with, and so on. One occasionally jumps to conclusions, or has a hasty thought before thinking something through in a logical manner. That’s nothing to worry about. So, that’s the good news.

However, there are more severe, sometimes extreme examples and signs of paranoia. If one is taking drugs of any sort, whether cocaine, marijuana, antipsychotics or mood stabilizers, and one begins experiencing paranoid thought patterns, it may be prudent to ask, “Is it “paranoia” or is it the drug that’s causing the problem”? Since statistics show that drug use precedes the vast majority of patients who present with mild to extreme paranoia symptoms, it is wise to consider other choices of treatment besides a heavy hitting prescription of Risperdal or the like. Here’s the bad news: alarmingly, millions of children, including 25% of all foster children in the USA are on heavy prescription drugs, since a very early age.

We promote drug-free, non-invasive treatments that are scientific in nature and address the underlying causes of the problem.

Drugging children is a 5 Billion-dollar-a-year business. Whether or not these children were suffering from paranoia, mood swings, or other troubles, likely they will be by the time they reach adulthood because these are known side effects of such drugs. Surely this is an ill conceived plan of action toward assisting these children in overcoming emotional obstacles. Sadly, it is not just the children who are being overprescribed, but adults as well. We all can have emotional obstacles and troubles, and perhaps before reaching for a prescribed medication it might be worth looking at different treatment approaches to the problem.

It’s important to know that other options are available besides medication for paranoia treatment.

Here’s the best news of all: many people have found relief through correction of diet, nutrition, lifestyle and other factors. Find out more about non harmful paranoia treatment options at Alternative to Meds Center. We extend a warmly invitation to you to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable staff member today.


Effective management of psychosis often requires professional medical guidance, however, this does not inherently mean that prescription medication is needed.

psychosisPsychosis could be defined as the state of losing contact with the reality of the outside world, due to an altered state of mind. This can be preceded or not by substance abuse. It is often preceded by incidents of stress, fear, physical or mental exhaustion, toxic exposure and other factors. Sometimes, it can be hard to trace what occurred prior as the person is not able to reflect upon this with normal clarity. Memory may also be impaired. It’s a difficult situation to be in when trying to isolate the correct psychosis treatment.

The usual treatment for full blown psychosis is to drug the patient. This is sometimes unavoidable if the person’s own safety or that of others is at risk. But once stabilized, there is typically no further delving into what preceded the episode. This may leave the patient burdened with the same psychosis symptoms and at risk of repeating the scenario over and over again. Even when cars break down, a full diagnostic regimen is routinely done to see where the problems lie. Surely the same should be available for people. Simply leaving someone on psychotropic drugs with no further psychosis treatment protocols to prevent a recurrence cannot be the best that can be offered.

There are other, and often more effective, approaches for psychosis besides medications that make a person feel drugged.

If one has been subject to psychosis type episodes and lingering symptoms from this, and feels one needs an overhaul, call Alternative to Meds Center to speak with a knowledgeable staff consultant who can answer any questions on diagnostic testing and correction of the factors which preceded the troubles with psychosis or other symptoms. Alternative to Meds Center has the goal to assist its clients to attain true and sustainable health, physically and emotionally.

Sleep Disturbances

Though your lack of sleep may be making you feel like a basket case, there is hope. Sleep disturbances can be addressed, and don’t always require medication.

sleep disturbancesIt is a shocking fact that 45% of children aged 11 – 17 in the USA suffer from sleep deprivation. Adults suffering from sleep disturbance symptoms make up more than all asthma sufferers and diabetics put together. Those are pretty alarming statistics. Often drugs are prescribed to alleviate the sleep disturbances, and often this is a short lived source of relief.

What can be done about sleep disturbances?

Reasons for sleep disturbances can include sleep apnea, hormone issues, certain medications, stress, sinus trouble, and a host of others. Sleep disturbances lead to sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is responsible for symptoms that resemble ADHD, anxiety, mood swings, depression, even obesity has been found to be related in some cases, so it may be prudent to find out what solutions are available for sleep disturbance treatment. While sleeping pills might seem the logical choice, even some doctors tend to use medications as a last resort, due to the fact that sleep medications can help after a short rebound and then have the opposite effect, worsening the condition. Such things as restless legs syndrome (RLS), muscle tension, eating too late in the evening, and sleep apnea are all treatable with non-invasive and non-harmful means. Though lack of sleep may be making one feel like a basket case, there is hope.

Call to find out what alternative treatments are available to help one recover the ability to sleep without sleep disturbances, and without harmful medications. We offer tapering programs for Lorazepam withdrawal and many other drugs. We have been helping people for nearly a decade now using alternative modalities to attain better health and sustainable wellness every day, and every night. Call today to find out more about this exciting treatment possibility.

Suicidal Ideation

If someone you love, or yourself, is feeling suicidal, call one of our helpful counselors today.

emotional symptomsThere is some good news for those suffering from suicidal ideation symptoms. That is most people who contemplate suicide do not actually ever commit suicide. However, the bad news is that anyone who has committed suicide did have suicidal ideation before the fact of killing themselves. If one recognizes the signs of this condition in oneself or in another, it can literally be life saving to get some help. One should not delay seeking help or getting an assessment for treatment purposes where this is occurring.

Statistics show that approximately .01% of the population will commit suicide. The percentage for ideation alone is considerably higher. Treatment traditionally has been difficult, as many of the leading psychiatric drugs actually can cause people to become obsessed with thoughts of death, or suicide. Drugs like Zoloft, Prozac, Paxil and others are well documented in this regard. This could be likened to trying to put out a fire by pouring gasoline on it. There are other ways to defeat this condition and get to a brighter place in one’s life using healthful and non harmful protocols.

There are ways to defeat this feeling without drugs that allow one to reach a brighter place in life using healthful and non harmful protocols.

Often it is a combination of factors that can be driving the condition to a point of severity. As well as continuous monitoring by nursing staff while the assessment and treatment is initiated, toxic load would be one of the most important factors to look into. Drug and alcohol use would need to be addressed, and cessation would be another step on the road to health, most optimally done in a holistic and healthy manner. Learning new relaxation and social skills would be another area where very great benefits from effective treatment are available.

We can help you address the potential areas in your life that are causing stress and leading to unhealthy thought processes.

At Alternative to Meds Center, we can help a person who is suffering from mild to moderate suicidal thoughts through pleasant and healthful protocols of suicidal ideation treatment. Call to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff who would be more than happy to confidentially discuss options for treatment.

Medical Disclaimer:
Nothing on this Website is intended to be taken as medical advice. The information provided on the website is intended to encourage, not replace, direct patient-health professional relationships. Always consult with your doctor before altering your medications. Adding nutritional supplements may alter the effect of medication. Any medication changes should be done only after proper evaluation and under medical supervision.

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