Lotus O’Neal, LNA

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Lotus is a Licensed Nursing Assistant, Certified Holistic Life Coach, and a Certified Recovery Nutrition Coach. She has 20 years of experience in hands-on patient care, ranging from Hospice work to addiction and chemical dependency issues. Currently, Lotus is the Director of ATMC’s Detox Shoppe. As a senior staff member and executive board member Lotus has worked in most of the departments at ATMC. Her interest in balancing the body and mind with amino acids, herbs, proper diet, and a healthy lifestyle makes her a valued team member with an in-depth knowledge of how ATMC runs a successful recovery program.

Lotus loves working with people who want to help themselves, and she always strives to deliver excellent, heart-centered service to our residents. It is a genuine pleasure for her to meet each client where they are at, each day while helping them work towards their goals by offering consistent encouragement, patience, compassion, and love. Her personal passion lies in living a natural and healthy life to maintain balance within and without and she stands wholeheartedly behind ATMC’s holistic and alternative approach to wellness.

Lotus O’Neal, LNA
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