Learning to Heal One Step at a Time

Learning to Heal One Step at a Time

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Before I came to ATMC I was typically missing 3 nights of sleep in a row and then I would sleep about 3 hours on the 4th day, due to taking an Ambien. This went on for about two and a half months. I’d already had an insomnia crisis three years prior that had me on a lot of medication which I’d had to taper and I knew I did NOT want to go through that again. I was actually really afraid of going through a medication taper again and that’s how I ended up with this crisis of insomnia happening again 3 years later.

I was having panic attacks throughout the day, everyday, and anxiety all day everyday. My mind would not shut off from a loop of negative thoughts no matter what I did. I literally have no idea how I packed and got on that plane. I was basically in a fog and thought I was dying.

The first month at ATMC was rough. On the nights that I did sleep, I was waking up at around 2:30 AM everyday and getting out of bed and hanging with staff. The days were long and I was not really with it the entire time. I still went on every single hike and have no idea how I didn’t fall off the red rocks.

Therapy is what helped me the most. I noticed during my second month at ATMC that my thoughts were starting to change and calm down. I was able to actual read a book or have a conversation without feeling sheer panic all day everyday. I was starting to sleep a bit more and for consecutive days in a row. By my last week I was able to sleep every single night! I do have additional healing to do but I am on my way to doing so and I now have the tools I need to help me with this.

The ATMC staff were all amazing in helping me to remember that I was healing and that I will continue to heal on a consistent basis. The therapist was one of the best therapists I have ever had. For me the therapy and the staff were the most important components of the program and what helped me the most, along with the supplements.

I’m so happy that I came to ATMC. It kept me off medications and helped me start to heal the underlying issues that I had to deal with in order to heal. Anywhere else I could have gone would have automatically put me onto medications which I knew would not work for me due to my previous experience. I would highly recommend this program if you are trying to come off medication or if you just don’t want to go onto medication in the first place.