Bipolar 1 and No More Medications

Bipolar 1 and No More Medications

I lived a large life with unlimited potential and high expectations from everyone around me. Shortly after I turned 17, something in me shifted for the worse. I stopped sleeping, eating, and soon was in extreme mania and psychosis. It lasted for 3 weeks, which then landed me in juvenile detention, near death, and later involuntarily held in a pych hospital for 26 days. Everyone (including myself) was terrified and shocked, as this seemed to come out of no where. I was diagnosed bipolar 1 and forced on to a cocktail of medications which would frequently change to counter new side-effects throughout my 6 years of believing meds were the only answer.

A few months before coming to ATMC, and after lots of research, I came to a greater understanding of what had happened and what lead me to psychosis. I also knew I wanted to become med-free and never let myself go down that road again. I was aware it wouldn’t be easy and I knew I needed an inpatient facility that was knowledgeable and willing to taper my meds with full support. Thankfully I came across ATMC through a recommendation. I called in and did in-depth research on the program. I knew it was the place I needed to go.

Finally, I made it! I was kindly welcomed, and comfortable knowing that I would be staying in the center for 60 days. The tapering process was surprisingly not as bad as I thought it would be. I tried tapering at home and came across many hard times. At ATMC I felt like I had nothing to worry about. With the individualized supplement protocol, sauna, amazing therapy, organic, nutrient dense food and loving environment my tapering process went smoothly. I am now fully off of all my meds. My brain has come back, I see more, I feel more, I sleep better, I feel more balanced and more in touch with who I am and what I need to do.

ATMC was the place that assisted me in getting my life back and I am forever grateful for what the program stands for. They were ready to do what I needed and I will recommend Alternative to Meds Center to anybody who desires a better way of life and wants to get off medications.