Diazepam Addiction

Diazepam Addiction

Diazepam addiction has affected millions of users of the tranquilizer, yet a GP or psychiatrist can offer little help to those who wish to stop taking the drug.

Addiction workers often compare Diazepam to heroin addiction because of similar and even more severe characteristics of withdrawal, which can linger on far longer than opiates. Short courses of the drug are used quite safely in alcohol withdrawal protocols or other circumstances where seizure prevention is of prime importance.

The more common use of the drug, however, has drifted far from these limited applications. Perhaps due to lack of information given to prescribing doctors, or for other puzzling reasons, the drug quickly became one of the best sellers in the history of modern pharmaceutical production.

Particularly for women, Diazepam became the "go to" drug for relatively minor complaints, such as situational stress about a daughter's upcoming wedding, or for nervousness about travel, or worry about an imminent job interview. There are uncountable stories that illustrate how quickly the use of benzo drugs wrought much more destruction than was ever imagined by the unwitting person who obtained the prescription.

How Tranquilizers like Diazepam Become Addictive

Tranquilizers affect GABA, a naturally occurring amino acid that acts as a slowing or inhibitory neurotransmitter. GABA produces a slowing or tempering, a regulatory effect on heart rate, breathing, and other motor controls, as it keeps other excitatory transmitters adequately balanced and in check. Taking a tranquilizer or benzo does not produce more GABA, but makes GABA more absorbable than nearby excitatory transmitters. Thus, this influence produces an exaggerated depressive effect, causing the CNS to slow down markedly. This effect is the "relaxation," both emotional and physical, that one feels after taking a tranquilizer. Repeating doses of the drug continues the dampening effect, which some have described as euphoric.

However, after missing a dose, or when one stops or reduces the Diazepam, the finger comes out of the dam, so to speak, causing excitatory chemicals to monopolize receptor sites which then become significantly overactive. The switch results in overstimulation, seizures, panic attacks, uncontrolled muscle movements, racing heart rate, aggressiveness, anxiety, and many other unpleasant reactions.

Typically, a user will try to dampen these pronounced reactions by taking another or a higher dosage. Understanding the obviously addictive properties of Diazepam makes it seem nearly implausible that the drug was not purposefully designed to be as addictive as it is. Unfortunately, too many people have become unwittingly trapped into Diazepam addiction, even to the point of contemplating suicide as an "answer." Please do not lose hope. We can help.

Holistic Help for Addiction to Benzodiazepines

A substantial percentage of our client base have been those who enrolled to resolve Diazepam and other benzo drug addiction. At the Alternative to Meds Center, we have streamlined and designed our benzo addiction treatment program so that the protocols reduce discomforts, as well as increase overall health and stability as the person progresses through a gentle, carefully monitored tapering program.

The preparatory steps take a person to the point where they are sleeping better, have improved their appetite, suffer less anxiety and other emotional turbulence and distress. It is at this point that we begin the taper, and not before.

These steps are holistic and comfortable, using naturally occurring substances, and gentle non-invasive therapies. We do not seek to merely mask their excruciating symptoms with heavier drugs and then send them home to continue to suffer. Cleansing, correct supplementation, and adjusting diet are all vital to give the body every advantage of stabilizing as quickly as possible. Clients can tolerate the taper much better when the process is done this gently and carefully.

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There is much we want you to learn about our program. We invite you to call the number on this page for much more detailed information on how the Diazepam withdrawal treatment steps unfold, and how we can help you or your loved one specifically. With proper treatment and understanding, we know it is possible to successfully conquer the overwhelming challenges of Diazepam addiction.

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