Environmental Medicine

Environmental Medicine

Environmental Medicine covers a diverse field of topics, including how specific environmental and toxicity factors can affect health.

Some of these are of particular interest to us at the Alternative to Meds Center, a holistic addiction and mental health treatment center based in Sedona Arizona. Below are some topics that we find pertinent because observations show that they can link to mental and physical adverse effects:

  • air pollution, indoor air quality
  • water pollutants
  • mercury and other heavy metal exposure including throughout the food chain
  • neurotoxins contained in paints, gasoline, cleaning compounds, etc.
  • food additives, processed foods, pesticides used in agriculture
  • molds and fungi

Attaining Wellness Holistically

We have been helping our clients reach their recovery goals for well over a decade. Lab testing is a vital diagnostic step that can shed a revelatory light on many of the conditions for which a client may be seeking relief.

For example, where anxiety is present, lab testing typically shows the presence of heavy metals, such as mercury, or pesticides. These are both neurotoxic, inflicting excitatory (overstimulating) responses in the neural pathways. We have our clients undergo a gentle cleansing process to remove such harmful elements from the body. The vast majority of clients report a reduction or elimination of their problematic symptoms once accomplishing the removal of their neurotoxic load. Applying environmental medicine in this way can open many such doors to improved mental and emotional well-being and overall health.

Such treatment outcomes are possible, even when psychiatric drugs may not have been able to help the client. Many such positive results are within reach when one takes the time to test and observe the physiology of the person, rather than read symptoms off a DSM recommended drug list and send the person home with another prescription.

Correcting Addictive Biochemistry

Addictive biochemistry factors can be corrected, when testing shows specific deficits in the neurochemistry of the client, and also nutritional deficiencies. These can be adjusted using various methods such as targetted nutrient supplements, organic and non-processed foods, chelation, colonics, use of low-temperature sauna, glutathione treatments, mineral baths and many others, all carefully monitored by our clinical staff. Like a finely tuned racecar, the body responds well when you clean the carburator, and supply the correct fuel.

Testing for any imbalances in one's biochemistry shows a path by which we can attain overall better functionality and balance. These changes positively affect the ability to function of the CNS and other systems in the body. The addictive nature of drugs can be seen to relate not indirectly to cravings, disturbed sleep, impaired energy and appetite, and even to reduced emotional states. Cleansing toxins and boosting nutrition provides practical and corrective neurochemistry support that can aid a client's recovery.

The protocols used in the treatment of addictions and mental health do not have to include inflicting more suffering and further medication upon the person. The Alternative to Meds Center programs aim to restore health, correct addictive/biochemical dysfunction and provide safe, gentle tapering where the person desires to come off their medications.

About Our Center

The facility provides treatment for up to 18 guests at a time. Clients can choose private or semi-private accommodations, each with their own en-suite for convenience and privacy. You will find our luxury-style residence surrounded by the beauty of the Red Rock Mountains, and hundreds of hiking trails, plenty of fresh air and blue skies nearly every day of the year.

Gourmet meals, snacks, and smoothies are prepared using orthomolecular-based menus and recipes and using mostly local organic ingredients, both health-restoring and delicious to the palate. Our in-house water and air filtration is the best anywhere in the world, and we also ensure our cleaning and laundry products are toxin-free for our clients' comfort and safety.

We organize weekend excursions to local points of interest and sight-seeing opportunities, as well as plenty of shopping and browsing opportunities in the local artisan shops and galleries. Sedona is a haven for art lovers.

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If you or a loved one is suffering from medication-related difficulties, addiction or mental health issues, call us at the number listed on this page to find out more about our holistic treatments and approach. Ask us about private insurance coverage, which typically covers at least a portion of fees. There is much information that we would like to share with you in detail about how our various programs can help in recovery, and how we have been able to integrate vital and workable protocols that benefit our clients through the use of orthomolecular and environmental medicine.

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