Ziprasidone Addiction

Ziprasidone Addiction

While it may be thought to not be addicting, antipsychotics such as Ziprasidone can create physical dependencies over the long-term.

Is Ziprasidone addictive?

Individuals do not intend to become addicted but many who are not aware of this dependency until they attempt to reduce or stop taking Ziprasidone. It is at this point that individuals realize that they need assistance to reduce or stop taking the medication.

What are the side effects and withdrawal symptoms?

One of the reasons that reducing Ziprasidone is so difficult, beyond the physical impact, is psychological toll of reducing use. Ziprasidone and other similar antipsychotics are used to treat the symptoms of a wide range of mental health issues including bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Prescriptions are typically given after a psychotic breakdown or after other medications have failed. As such, any relief that this drug can provide may make the individual feel that they cannot be without it. This psychological dependency can lead users to continue, even when experiencing severe side effects that have long-term, harmful effects. Some are aware of a dependence but continue because of the symptom relief these drugs bring.

However, while on Ziprasidone, a user may experience a range of side effects such as increased risk for diabetes, high cholesterol, weight gain, muscle spasms, and more. Once off Ziprasidone, original or new mental health issues may return with increased aggressiveness, along with anxiety, nausea and more.

How to treat the causes, not the symptoms.

Ziprasidone creates severe side-effects and dependencies because it treats the symptoms, rather than the root causes of mental health issues. Ziprasidone is often prescribed for mania, which occurs from overproduction of dopamine, the brain’s reward response. These individuals commonly experience difficulty with goal setting due to an overstimulated reward center. Having difficulty managing their lives, they seek help through antipsychotic drugs. These drugs, like Ziprasidone, restrict dopamine receptors and can result in a numbing of the reward center that drives goal completion. Some feel that this mental stability, and sever side effects are worth the manic symptom relief, but treating the root cause has the potential to enable a stable life without unhealthy complications.

How to move on from antipsychotics.

Fear of withdrawal can prevent reduction or stopping use of these drugs. That is why addiction treatment programs can help individuals stop medications and naturally replaces stability. Our addiction therapy programs offer assistance to reduce withdrawal symptoms as well as 24/7 support. Our medical professionals help individuals reduce and stop dependency of antipsychotics and other substances for which antipsychotics may be taken. We use careful tapering techniques in combination with natural substances that help to stabilize neurochemistry, the imbalance of which is the root cause of schizophrenia and bipolar symptoms.

Our process at Alternative to Meds Center.

As part of the Ziprasidone withdrawal process, individuals are lab tested to determine underlying causes. We have found that toxicity is commonly a cause of neurochemistry imbalance. Next, we work to remove toxins, and reduce certain harmful substances such as sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods. In addition we put individuals on a regimen of mental health supplements, IV amino therapy, nutritional goods, and peer support. This holistic program also includes a therapy in positive psychological and physical habits such as peer support, exercise, yoga, massage, etc. We welcome your questions and interest in our program if you or someone you love is suffering from these issues.

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