Lithium Side Effects

Lithium Side Effects

We are on familiar terms with alternative solutions to Lithium side effects and being medicated. Our treatment program employs Lithium side effects help techniques to banish unwanted effects and help users move in the direction they wish to go with Lithium side effects.

Lithium carbonate side effects can be negative, they can be harmful; they can be uncomfortable, or cause mental slowness, and a barrage of other unwanted effects that seem to generally outweigh any of the possible positive effects of this drug. This medication can cause birth defects in newborn babies and when it is taken during a woman’s pregnancy, it can cause a heart defect in the new born baby called Ebstein’s anomaly. After taking this drug, even after discontinuing use, women may have trouble getting pregnant from long term Lithium side effects. Another side effect is the possibility of developing uncontrollable and involuntary eye movements, a condition called Nystagmus. If the side effect of Nystagmus occurs, it can be permanent or would require long term absence of the drug to get rid of it.

These side effects can potentially be life changing and permanent. There are possible side effects that come along with every prescription medication and even over the counter medications, but Lithium carbonate seems to have more of a presence when it comes to adverse effects. It can cause significant Lithium weight gain, greatly increase your appetite and thirst, and it can even cause depression. Though, this medication is most commonly prescribed for depression, mania, bipolar disorder and mood stabilizing. Why take a prescription medication for depression or manic depression when one of the common side effects of the medication is depression?

These are some of the many possible side effects of Lithium: feeling slow mentally, feeling detached from your mind, feeling weak, slow verbalization, speech impediment, feeling tired all of the time, constant drowsiness, dizziness, tremors, trembling, metallic or salty taste in mouth, dry mouth, greatly increased thirst and hunger, diarrhea, swelling of the hands or feet (edema), hair loss, extreme weight gain, anorexia, headaches, change in vision or blurred vision, loss of bowel or bladder control, constant nausea, involuntary movements, seizures, indigestion, flatulence, impotence, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, depression, lethargy, and loss of consciousness or fainting. The side effects from this mood-stabilizing drug can drive a person to stop taking it. This can actually be a very good decision that should only be made with professional Lithium side effects help.

If negative effects are more present than the positive effects of this medication, then you should plan to stop taking it. Discontinuing use of this drug can pose a whole other set of Lithium side effects of withdrawal. Even though this drug is not likely to be abused and is not supposed to be addictive, the brain and body still need time to adjust to the abstinence of it. Reducing your dosage very slowly under the care of a doctor, pumping your body and mind with healthy vitamins, foods, and healthy activities will greatly diminish any long term Lithium side effects of withdrawal. Depression, bipolar disorder, mania and mood swings can all be treated naturally without all of the risks of antipsychotic side effects.

An individual is usually put on Lithium when they have gone through a manic episode, or after other prescription drugs failed to work. These medications, though appear to be effective on their onset, usually are not tolerable for prolonged treatment. The answer is specifically different for why each individual was experiencing their originating symptoms. However, excessive Dopamine is usually present in these individuals. Dopamine is a neurochemical that controls feelings of reward, and an excess of it will cause everything to feel very stimulating and often results in mania and extreme mood swings. This can be a result of neurotoxins over-stimulating the neurology. This can be from toxin exposure or genetic issues related to how the person eliminates toxins.

Moreover, use of Lithium often leaves the person unable to enjoy life’s rewards. The dosage is often raised and usually brings more Lithium adverse effects. At our rehab center we help individuals who want to get off of this medication, we use the following methods for successful, comfortable Lithium withdrawal. Firstly, we do lab testing for what might be the cause of the original problems. Often finding out that toxicity is the culprit, we focus on working to remove these toxins. We restrict processed foods, sugar and caffeine and utilize supplements known to be beneficial for these individuals.

Our treatment program uses natural substances that will stabilize the neurochemistry, peer support, natural detoxification to remove accumulated neurotoxins and eliminate Lithium toxicity, yoga, IV amino therapies and other nutritional therapies, massage, personal training, and many holistic therapies to efficiently address the effects related to this medication. You are invited to give us a call and talk anytime, and get an idea about the sort of Lithium side effects help that’s available.

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