Geodon Withdrawal

Geodon Withdrawal

When Geodon users go through the experience of Geodon withdrawal symptoms, they can face some of the most challenging withdrawal symptoms of any medication or drug. At Alternative to Meds Center, we have uncovered ways of Geodon withdrawal help which simplify this process, and greatly eliminate withdrawal symptoms.

We know that other solutions exist besides living a lifetime being medicated on antipsychotics and repeatedly going to the hospital. Insomnia, symptoms of bipolar disorder, and symptoms of schizophrenia are common Geodon withdrawal side effects which may occur if this drug is discontinued. Never stop Geodon cold turkey in order to reduce the chance of developing serious Geodon withdrawal effects, consult with a healthcare provider to create a drug tapering schedule. Although this drug is said to not be addicting, some users do report the development of Geodon addiction. Moreover, the brain and the body usually need plenty of time to adapt when an individual stops taking it. Slowly reducing the dosage when you are discontinuing this medication is one of most necessary parts of effective and tolerable withdrawal from this drug.

Geodon is an atypical, also known as a second-generation antipsychotic, often prescribed for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Individuals are usually prescribed this medication when they experience a psychotic break, or if other medications are ineffective. Therefore, antipsychotic discontinuation syndrome can cause a reoccurrence of the symptoms for which it was meant to treat. For example, common antipsychotic withdrawal symptoms can include schizophrenic symptoms like hallucinations, delusions and bipolar disorder symptoms including depression and mania. Such symptoms of withdrawal might not improve over time if they are not properly addressed with Geodon withdrawal treatment, as they could be symptoms of underlying disorders.

This medication may appear effective at its onset; however, for long term use it is typically not well tolerated and can produce more problems than it was meant to treat, including Geodon side effects such as Geodon overdose and Geodon addiction. Long-term use of this medication can particularly reveal the problems associated with this medication when users want to withdrawal from it; many individuals may discover during this time how challenging antipsychotic withdrawal discontinuation syndrome can be. However, with Geodon withdrawal help, this process is surprisingly tolerable. Why does an individual experience antipsychotic withdrawal? When there is a restriction of excitatory Dopamine due to the consumption of these medications, there are changes in the brain at the synapse. The synapse is where nerves communicate with other nerves, and Dopamine stimulates the originating nerve’s impulse to the next nerves receptors.

So, when Dopamine is low due to the antipsychotic, neurology changes, and creates more Dopamine receptors. The small amount of Dopamine will now have the same stimulating effect even with the presence of the drug so the dose is often increased, which can bring on more side effects. When individuals come off the drug, a higher amount of Dopamine is able to be released, which is now impacting an exceedingly excessive number of Dopamine receptors. This can result in intense withdrawal symptoms or another hospitalization for reemerging symptoms of mental health conditions. Individuals are often told that they will probably have to take the drug for the rest of their life, this can be very discouraging. At Alternative to Meds Center, the founder has personal experience with this path.

With our medical professionals, Alternative to Meds Center works to help individuals reduce dependence upon psychiatric medications, alcohol and other drugs. In order to offer successful Geodon withdrawal treatment, careful tapering techniques and the following methods are used. As a result of the therapies we us, the individual becomes stable and sedated, and their process of recovery can begin.

We first lab test to see what may be the cause of the original problems and we have often found toxicity as the culprit; we then work to clear the toxins out. Processed foods and sugar are restricted and supplements are used which are known as beneficial to individuals in this situation. Our program aims to stabilize the neurochemistry through natural substances, body detoxification from accumulated neurotoxins, and uses IV amino therapy, Geodon tapering, targeted nutritional therapy, massage, personal exercise training, yoga, peer support, and holistic therapies to effectively address anticipated Geodon discontinuation symptoms. We invite your call so you can talk to us and get an understanding of the kind of Geodon withdrawal help that is available.

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