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If you have been told that prescription medication is the only available solution for bipolar disorder, holistic treatment for bipolar disorder is available. At the Alternative to Meds Center, we realize that prescription drugs are not effective long term answers. Our residential mental health center provides drug free methods of orthomolecular corrections to find the original causes of bipolar symptoms. Depression, mania, and mood swings can be holistically treated. Do not get trapped inside of an unrelenting cycle of medication and visiting the doctor. We offer an alternative option that educates clients about how to handle mental health issues naturally. To learn more about bipolar disorder and how our residential treatment facility provides a way to combat bipolar symptoms without prolonged medication use, call a trained counselor today.

Are you struggling with bipolar disorder and
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Individuals who are troubled with bipolar disorder symptoms and inadequate relief from prescription drugs often find that holistic treatment for bipolar disorder is the best solution to the problem. At Alternative to Meds Center, every effort is made to provide clients with the most effective choices available for bipolar disorder treatment. We can help with medication reduction and withdrawal, underlying medical or genetic concerns, and other mental health symptoms such as depression or insomnia. If you are taking a medication for bipolar disorder and want to use a more efficient and natural method to address mental health, we may be the answer. We can also address physical dependence and medication tolerance.

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Cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as CBT, can be an incredibly beneficial alternative treatment for bipolar disorder. A talk therapist can assist you in discovering what triggers your bipolar symptoms, for example, high stress or lifestyle, and can help you to alter behavior and thoughts during the onset of manic or depressive episodes. CBT focuses on addressing distorted perceptions of the world and one’s self. There are two fundamental aspects of CBT. The cognitive part helps to change the depressing thoughts that contribute to bipolar episodes. The behavioral part works to change the client’s behavior during situations that are mood triggering.

We teach clients how to become
their own mental health care specialists.

Natural Treatment for Bipolar Disorder
Holistic treatment for bipolar disorder at Alternative to Meds Center features lab testing that can identify possible underlying causes of bipolar symptoms, such as vitamin or mineral deficits, toxicity, or genetic issues. Natural substances are employed that are targeted to balance the person’s neurochemistry. IV nutrient therapies, supplements, dietary changes, and natural medicines are used. Each client receives a fully customized treatment regimen, based on their exact needs and unique biochemical makeup. Alternative to Meds Center believes that food is medicine and provides nutritional and dietary therapies. Orthomolecular medicine models are employed to make drug free corrections that can allow a person to overcome bipolar symptoms naturally. Additional therapies include acupuncture, Chinese medicine, detoxification, sauna therapy, massage, and alternative mental health treatments.

A professional team works to find
the causes of bipolar symptoms.

It is likely that environmental, genetic and neurochemical factors contribute to the appearance and development of bipolar disorder. Stress is a commonly blamed cause of depression, mood swings and anxiety; however the source of stress or other similar concerns is often physical. For example, hypoglycemia is a main physical cause of stress and tension. Hypoglycemia can cause a variety of mental symptoms including anxiety, depression, mood swings, irritability, violent outburst, nervousness, restlessness, and inability to concentrate. Hypoglycemia could be associated with a countless figure of bipolar individuals. Effective solutions for hypoglycemia are dietary changes and vitamin, nutrient and supplement therapies.

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Nutrition for Overcoming Bipolar Symptoms
In most cases, bipolar individuals find it to be beneficial to reduce or eliminate certain foods from their regimen. For bipolar people, excluding drugs and alcohol is crucial, since drugs and alcohol are depressants which may trigger mood swings. Sugar is also a possible mood swing trigger. Simple sugars like those found in desserts can make mood swings worse. Staying away from chocolate, soda, coffee and other caffeinated beverages or foods is beneficial. Caffeinated items can enhance mood and increase energy temporarily, but they can cause exhaustion later. Whole, healthy foods are essential for the body and brain to get the amount of nutrition and vitamins needed every day. Eating wholesome meals with vegetables, fruit, fish and poultry can help a bipolar person to overcome their symptoms.

The human brain becomes healthy
when it is well fed and free of toxicity.

The Alternative to Meds Center goal is to provide clients holistic treatment for bipolar disorder that offers permanent relief from symptoms. In order to provide effective and long term holistic bipolar disorder treatment, personally customized alternative to psychiatry treatment plans are designed for each client. Our integrative bipolar disorder treatment includes the use of cognitive behavioral counseling, orthomolecular medicine, peer support, educational courses about bipolar disorder, exercise and physical training, dietary support, nutritional therapies, massage, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, yoga, meditation, supplements and vitamins and several other healing therapies. We provide medical supervision, 24 hour care in a luxury residence, qualified and compassionate staff, and aftercare programs which are effective in helping clients sustain the lifestyle that they created in our care.

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