Successful Benzo and Lexapro Withdrawal

Successful Benzo and Lexapro Withdrawal

I am eternally grateful for this amazing place. Each and every member of the staff has a special gift that spoke to my heart.

July 2018

For the better part of my adult life I suffered from anxiety. Panic attacks became my “normal”, 911 calls a part of my existence, and medication seemed my only reprieve from the nightmare. That is until now.

 When I walked into Alternative to Meds Center I was broken, afraid and confused. By the time I reached this place of healing I was self-medicating with Lexapro as well as with Benzos. I was also abusing alcohol, sex, gambling, and unhealthy relationships. Ironically, the one person I never had a relationship with was myself. Life was truly unmanageable for me and I had given up my control as I realized I could not weather this storm alone.

I have learned at Alternative To Meds Centerwhat it means to be me; to be authentic, humble and exposed. It is scary and exhilarating all at the same time - and none of it is easy -  just worth it. That’s the key. Recovery is not easy, it’s essential, and my life depends on it.

I too sat where many more will sit, and I wanted to run screaming back to my old life. What kept me from doing just that was the knowledge that my old life was killing me and my children, and deep down inside, I knew that I deserved better.

As a health care practitioner myself I see the negative effects of psychiatric medications and unhealthy coping mechanisms first hand and up close. Alternative To Meds Centergently strips it all away and gives back a sense of power, hope, clarity, and overall well-being, bringing together the spiritual, emotional, and physical as they address the whole person not the diagnosis or the disease. At Alternative To Meds CenterI was finally able to reconcile my past and move forward to a brighter and healthier me.

I am eternally grateful for this amazing place. Each and every member of the staff has a special gift that spoke to my heart. I never believed I could exist in this world without something to numb the pain, and now just five weeks later I embrace pain as it is part of life and healing. I embrace all of it. To live a full life is to feel, and to feel deeply without being afraid. It is possible, I am proof.

With love and hope for all that are still suffering.


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