Cymbalta Withdrawal Successful

Cymbalta Withdrawal Successful

What I did find was an extremely caring staff that in the end taught me many things. Most importantly, self care and love.

Mar 31, 2014

I came to Alternative to Meds Center through “Divine Intervention”.

I was told by my counselor to take 30 days off work, or I was going to break. At the same time, I spoke to a friend that had just 4 days prior completed treatment here at Alternative to Meds Center. A week later I put my entire life on hold and was on a plane to Sedona. My original reason for coming was not totally med withdrawal, it was because I had spent many years taking care of everyone else but MYSELF!

Through excessive work, stress, horrible diet, no exercise and lack of self love that I almost broke. However, I also realized that the antidepressant meds I have been taking for over 25 years had probably really messed up my brain chemistry. I couldn’t think straight, have no short term memory, no joy or happiness, focus and in a state of cloudy brain. I had NO feelings being numb for many years.

Coming to Alternative to Meds Center was quite an awakening, with no caffeine, sugar and unhealthy food available to me. What I did find was an extremely caring staff that in the end taught me many things. Most importantly, self care and love. Learning to nourish myself physically and mentally is worth its weight in gold. Although some things seemed very “woowoo” to me, I wanted to embrace it all, and it worked!

Not only am I medication free from Cymbalta (any many other drugs over the years), I have most importantly been given a new opportunity at a clear, fulfilling, joyful, grateful happy life with more clarity than I’ve had in many years.


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