Orthomolecular Medicine Successful for Depression, Anxiety

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The holistic program at Alternative to Meds Center brought healing to me on all levels: emotional, physical, and spiritual.

When I got on the plane in Seattle to head for Alternative to Meds Center, I was very much like the character humpty dumpty. I needed to be put back together.

More than two years in to the third major depressive episode of my adult life, I was really struggling with severe anxiety, as well. Things had gotten so bad that I was pacing inside my home nearly all day, afraid to go outside, and could not bring myself to call friends who were more than willing to provide support. I was in a very dark, scary place and had very little hope for recovery. The prescription meds I was taking then (I had tried at least six different antidepressants and/or anti anxiety meds) were of little benefit and their side effects created another set of problems.

I had gone through several psych ward hospitalizations and had undergone electroconvulsive treatments with no lasting improvement. I seemed to be making painstakingly slow progress in counseling. My wife’s health was suffering, too, as she was really acting as a caregiver. As she so eloquently put it at that juncture: “something has to change.”

I found Alternative to Meds Center through an internet search for alternative treatments for depression and anxiety. Fortunately, my wife and daughter were long time advocates for alternative treatments, including orthomolecular. I told them that I needed to have them help me with making the decision to go to Alternative to Meds Center. They both checked things out for themselves and assured me that it was the right place to go.

I just finished my 5+ week stay at Alternative to Meds Center and am now off of all prescription meds, specifically nortriptyline and gabapentin. A carefully designed, medically supervised tapering of the meds, along with the detoxifying regimen and nutritional supplementation were key ingredients for success. The counseling was extremely beneficial and brought much-needed perspective. I had a care manager who was my “go to” person and my advocate. The holistic program at Alternative to Meds Center brought healing to me on all levels: emotional, physical, and spiritual. The staff there is very committed to helping each person in the program and treated me with respect, compassion, and understanding. I am feeling the best I have felt in many years- clear minded and with a positive outlook. In many ways, I have been re-assembled and no longer feel like humpty dumpty.

I am so grateful.


Age 62

Orthomolecular Medicine Successful for Depression, Anxiety
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