Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program

The Alternative to Meds Center has a proven track record of using holistic, science-based methods addressing addiction recovery and mental health issues. We utilize non-drug-based strategies that help to overcome these life challenges in a healthful way.

Following more than ten years of success, ATMC wants to see holistic mental health options applied more broadly. ATMC now offers two $500.00 scholarships to encourage graduate and undergraduate level students pursuing their education goals at the College or University of their choice.

The field of studies relating to holistic, nonpsychopharmacological based addiction and/or mental health services captures a wide range of applications. The ATMC scholarship is awarded to help nurture and encourage the candidate's future success in their chosen discipline. One scholarship is awarded to a candidate at the undergraduate level, and a second scholarship is awarded to a candidate at the graduate level.

Criteria for Review and Selection:

1. 50% based on scholarly excellence, GPA, noteworthy educational achievements, past awards received.

2. 50% based on quality and thoroughness of their presentation as follows:

  • Motivations and inspiration that led to entering the holistic addiction and mental health field.
  • Purposes or goals or innovations they envision for their future work, general or specific.
  • Observations and conclusions, challenges overcome, successes, etc., that have helped them form their passion and dedication to excellence.

How to Enter:

  • Submit an essay of up to 500 words, or an audio or video recording of no more than three minutes in length.
  • Submit CV/Resume.
  • Use the below form and/or complete application and email to

Special Notes:

  • ATMC will email a notice to each candidate after their submission has been received.
  • Only the successful candidates will be contacted further.
  • ATMC cannot return submitted materials to prospective candidates once reviewed.
  • Applications received after August 27, 2018 cannot be retained by ATMC, but candidates can re-apply at a later specified date for future scholarship opportunities.


  • Scholarship Amount: $500 (one undergraduate and one graduate applicant will receive a $500, one-time award).
  • Deadline: August 27, 2018


  • Age restriction: none
  • Geographic restriction: none
  • Disciplines: Open to any and all studies pertaining to alternative mental health and addiction recovery, including counseling, nutrition, physical therapy, addiction research, herbal medicine, biological medicine, or any other related holistic treatment fields, at the undergraduate and graduate levels respectively.

Scholarship Application Form


Note: Large files over a 3 or 4 MB may not attach and send with the form due to your ISP provider bandwidth limitations. It would be best to upload those to a Cloud Service and send us the link to that file there or try sending them by email.