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how to get off trazodone

Trazodone Withdrawal

You don’t have to be alone in your Trazodone withdrawal. There are proven techniques to substantially ease this process. The manufacturer of this drug does not openly warn about the potential withdrawal symptoms of Trazodone. However, discontinuing Trazodone can induce uncomfortable side effects. Common symptoms that may occur from discontinuing anti-depressants, such as this medication, include Insomnia, dizziness, irritability, headaches, agitation, anxiety, and confusion. For many individuals, withdrawal symptoms may be serious enough to require Trazodone withdrawal treatment. Stopping Trazodone suddenly may significantly increase the chances of experiencing longer lasting and more uncomfortable symptoms than a gradual Trazodone cessation process. Anyone who wishes to withdraw from an antidepressant should speak to a professional first. The FDA warns against abruptly stopping Trazodone. (1)

Can Trazodone Withdrawal be Made Easier?

Prescribed as a treatment for many symptoms, including depressive symptoms and insomnia, when people have been taking Trazodone for sleep; discontinuing use of the drug may cause insomnia to return in a worsened state (rebound insomnia). These are the reasons why it is so crucial to talk to a professional about Trazodone withdrawal treatment. It may not be as easy as just suddenly quitting Trazodone, especially when individuals have been taking this drug for long periods of time and at high dosages. By simplifying Trazodone withdrawal – becoming medication-free is an easy and manageable process.

A gradual tapering process is advised for this drug in order to avoid withdrawal side effects. If withdrawal symptoms do appear during tapering, there are methods that can avoid these discomforts. A slow Trazodone tapering schedule needs to allow the time necessary for a smooth transition. Tapering allows for individuals to get through withdrawal in a comfortable way. Along with tapering, we provide a set of comprehensive correction methods to balance neurochemistry while the brain and body are adjusting to the absence of the medication and to allow drug side effects to abate. (2)

What are the common withdrawal side effects of Trazodone?

Quitting Trazodone can induce both physical and psychological symptoms, for example, agitation, irritability, crying spells, aggression, confusion, overactivity, deepened depression, for example. Depression and memory problems are among the many potential psychological side effects of withdrawal. The physical symptoms can range from flulike headaches, nausea, sweating, gastrointestinal symptoms; sleeping disorders including insomnia, nightmares or vivid dreams; sensory disturbances, hallucinations, and symptoms of motor disorders. These can include tremors, muscle stiffness, abnormal or jerking movements and loss of balance. Alternative to Meds Center works to relieve the burden of withdrawal so that a person can successfully stop taking prescription medication. We not only address withdrawal, but we also search for underlying causes of mental health symptoms and go to extraordinary lengths to effectively address them.

Withdrawal severity can be greatly lessened by receiving professional Trazodone withdrawal help. Some of the things professional treatment may entail include: complementary therapies like acupuncture, lab testing, detoxification of accumulated toxins, yoga, meditation, dietary changes, exercise, counseling, sauna, massage, vitamin and supplement therapies, caring staff and a nurturing environment to safely and smoothly withdraw in. In addition, during antidepressant withdrawal, it may be tremendously beneficial to engage in talk therapy or other counseling therapies that can help manage the mental health condition which this anti-depressant was originally meant to treat. You don’t have to let Trazodone consume your life. We can help you achieve your desire to be medication-free. There are many non-drug-based treatments for depression or other troublesome symptoms besides prescription drugs. (3)

Finding Underlying Causes for Depression at the Alternative to Meds Center

trazodone withdrawal

People are usually given an anti-depressant prescription before there has been any substantial effort to investigate what may be causing the depression. Serotonin imbalances are frequently linked to depression, but sometimes overlooked food allergies, accumulated neurotoxins, or low thyroid can also be investigated. These things can be substantial contributing factors. For most, they begin treatment with these medications during a traumatic time emotionally or when troubling symptoms like insomnia are occurring. However, months or years later, they are still on an antidepressant. Now the struggle may be more focused on avoiding withdrawal if they begin trying to quit Trazodone. Withdrawal symptoms can occur because even when a person is not deficient or imbalanced in serotonin, the medication can create imbalances in the brain such as serotonin or other neurochemical deficiencies. So, when the person is in withdrawal, it is likely they will experience over-stimulation, sleeplessness, anxiety or even symptoms similar to OCD and Tourette’s. This can be caused by medication-induced serotonin deficiency. Medications can cause imbalances in neurotransmitters. We know how to re-create and maintain stability.

Find Out More About Trazodone Withdrawal at the Alternative to Meds Center

We focus on discovering the medical reasons contributing to an individual’s depression, inability to sleep, or anxiety. Our program utilizes lab tests to see what may be these contributing causes and employs the use of all-natural substances to support the neurochemistry, amino acid therapies and other nutritional therapy, techniques for medication withdrawal, exercise, personal training, massage therapy, yoga, support from peers and additional therapies targeted to offer support and comfort throughout the withdrawal process. We know that alternative answers are available besides living a life of antidepressant medicating. We invite your call so you can talk to us and receive a better idea of the Trazodone withdrawal help that is available.

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