Ionic Foot Bath

Ionic Foot Bath

Ionic detox foot baths send a small current which circuits through the body and produces positively charged ions.

The high concentration ion field binds to toxins that are negatively charged, which neutralizes them and then the body is capable of discarding negatively charged toxins through the bottom of the feet; where precisely 2000 very large excretory pores exist. Footbaths are painless, last around 30 minutes, and even children 4 years of age or older can safely enjoy them.

Eliminating toxic burden greatly benefits the process of recovery.

Ionic Foot Bath - Eliminating toxic burden greatly benefits the process of recovery.

This is a method that is of particular application to those who cannot endure other, more arduous processes such as sauna as it is well tolerated. The muck that shows up in the water can be a dramatic visual signal to the participant that there is a clearing happening. It is often the toxins that have accumulated in the body that poison mental and physical health. This toxic burden can even contribute to drug and medication use.

You may be exposed to heavy metals and toxins at any given moment. All of these toxins start to accumulate within the body and may be deposited in your fat cells, and tend to want to stay there. There is an easy alternative more and more people are finding great success with to rid your body of these unwanted toxins. That is the use of ionic detox footbaths. This is not your ordinary footbath.

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We are always happy to assist people who are gathering information in preparation for selecting the right treatment program.

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