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trazodone addiction

Trazodone Addiction

At the Alternative to Meds Center, we know there are other solutions besides living your life medicated or developing Trazodone addiction or dependency. We can help.

How Can Trazodone Addiction Develop?

Trazodone, the generic name for Desyrel, is one of the many popular medications used for depression treatment and for some people this drug may be temporarily effective for depression. However, for many others, this drug can cause more harm than good with serious side effects including Trazodone addiction symptoms and subsequent Trazodone withdrawal symptoms. Initial doses (100-200 mg a day), are often increased in order to offer relief to the user of the drug. As with other addictions, a dependency upon an antidepressant can cause users to develop a quick tolerance to the drug; therefore having to increase the dosage to achieve the desired effects which the initially prescribed dosage will no longer produce.

As this cycle continues and Desyrel continues to offer relief to users of this drug from depression, insomnia, or other mental health symptoms; the individual may also become dependent on the drug. One of the biggest disadvantages of this medication is that people may form a dependence on it very quickly. If treatment with this medication ends, discontinuation may lead to antidepressant withdrawal symptoms. Users may often feel as though they were not properly warned of side effects, such as Trazodone addiction and withdrawal problems. (1)

Signs of Needing Trazodone Addiction Help

If you feel you have an antidepressant addiction and want to withdraw from this drug, you should consult a doctor or rehab for help with managing withdrawal symptoms and Trazodone addiction treatment, Since many persons may not be aware of the possible side effects that can arise from stopping Trazodone, many people are surprised at the intensity of withdrawal symptoms and also surprised by cravings for the drug when they stop taking it.

Some people become aware of their dependency if they miss a dose or run out of their prescription; often realizing how dependent they are upon this drug to function properly in every day life. Hours after skipping, missing, forgetting or reducing a dose of this antidepressant, individuals have commonly reported such symptoms as dry mouth, vomiting, nausea, headache, brain zaps, severe chest pain, impaired speech, blurred vision, loss of consciousness, discomfort, a feeling of illness, cravings, and many other uncomfortable symptoms. Long-term use is likely to lead Trazodone addiction and dependence risks, which many users of the drug were not adequately warned about as a potential outcome. Other users of Trazodone are fully aware of their addiction, and they know something is wrong when they are dependent upon a drug to make them feel good and normal every day. Finding Trazodone addiction help can assist individuals in overcoming these problems.

How To Recognize Addiction to Trazodone?

If stopping the drug makes you feel sick and you crave the drug to make you feel better that is a sign of addiction. Tolerance is the need to increase the dose to get the same initial effects and is another sign of Trazodone addiction. If you feel you have to take the drug every day to maintain feelings of wellbeing that is also a sign of dependence/addiction. If you don’t take the drug, the feelings of well-being are gone and since the body has become physically dependent upon the drug; the body may be unable to function properly. Every addiction shares these and other common characteristics. Can you recognize these signs? That is a good first step.

What Causes Depression?

getting help with trazodone addiction

There are many medical reasons linked to depression. (2) These should be investigated before opting for prescription drugs where possible to do so. Persons who are put on antidepressant medications have usually been given the prescription prior to there being any efforts put forth to investigate why these individuals are depressed. For many people, during an emotionally traumatic time is when they start treatment with these medications. After long-term use, they can possibly now be struggling with antidepressant addiction issues as well as other (original) symptoms that the drugs never fully fixed. The Alternative to Meds Center targets the medical reasons that are contributing to a person’s depression as part of their addiction treatment program.

Find Out More About Trazodone Addiction Treatment

Our program employs lab testing to identify underlying causes of why this medication was ever prescribed, removal of neurotoxins, peer support, massage therapy, medication withdrawal methods, amino therapies, nutritional therapy, yoga, exercise, personal training, and many other therapies to effectively treat unwanted symptoms as part of a comprehensive program addressing Trazodone addiction.

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