Schizoaffective Disorder

Schizoaffective Disorder

Schizoaffective Disorder

Schizoaffective disorder may include varying symptoms and can be properly addressed with professional treatment.

Often when one hears an unusualpiece of music, it could be said to be “hard to classify”. It’s a little new age, a little jazz, some unusual rhythms, and so on. Well that might be a good analogy for what is generally referred to as “schizoaffective disorder”. It’s a little of this, and a little of that, and it’s never the same way twice or even seeing the same set of symptoms in two different patients.

Not only are schizoaffective disorder symptoms widely variable, it has recently been stated that the diagnosis itself is slated to be cancelled and removed from the latest psychiatric manual, as there are insufficiently definable parameters for diagnosing schizoaffective disorder. Notwithstanding this turn of events, the patient still may be suffering from the mixed bag, as it were, of symptoms that were previously classified as “schizoaffective disorder.”

But one does not need to lose hope. If a person has had some or all of the following: a few hallucinations, some mood swings, some transient psychotic thoughts, but nothing really on a predictable pattern, while it is true that one may have a hard time labelling the patient, it is also true that treatment of a sound and effective quality is nonetheless available.

Formerly, the disorder was subject to extremely variable and unpredictable treatments, usually antipsychotic drugs, or antidepressants, or mood stabilizing drugs, or combinations of these were prescribed. It was not unusual for many changes in the prescribed drugs in the course of schizoaffective disorder treatment, as they were really being used to chase symptoms, rather than primarily to get to the root and resolution of the problem. Now that the label is out of the way, one can focus on symptoms and sound schizoaffective disorder treatment. That is very good news, which is well received here at Alternative to Meds Center, as this is the way we move forward with treatments in general, as a general rule. We would rather treat the patient than a label.

While medical care is often required for this disorder, prescription drugs are not inherently necessary.

If one has become caught in the hamster wheel of chasing symptoms referred to as schizoaffective disorder, and this has not brought relief to your symptoms, please call the number on this page and find out how we may be able to offer alternative treatment options. We offer tapering programs for Abilify withdrawal and many other drugs. With a treatment protocol based on lab testing results rather than labels, we seek to help you attain stable health and authentic wellness.

Schizoaffective Disorder

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