Protracted Withdrawal

Protracted Withdrawal

Protracted Withdrawal

Protracted withdrawal is something that should truly be handled with medical care.

If one is reading this article, likely it is already known all too well what protracted withdrawal means. One may have experienced the tremendous difficulties of attempting to taper off a drug that just won’t easily allow one to do sowithout debilitating protracted withdrawal symptoms. One may experience many symptoms such as muscle aches, cramping, brain zaps, chills, fever, pain, nausea, uncontrolled crying spells, sleepless nights and many other discomforts in protracted withdrawal.

When withdrawing from a drug like a benzodiazepine, or any highly addictive substance, such as effexor or any of the antidepressants, the calming and pleasant feelings that it initially provided are now reversed, so the euphoria is now depression. The pain relief is now pain. The calm feeling is now a panic attack, or the dread of one about to occur. It can be life threatening in fact, to try and withdraw too quickly from a certain number of drugs. It is never a good idea to cease any benzo or prescribed drug abruptly, as this can overwhelm the various systems in the body and is risky.

It is recommended to always seek medical monitoring when deciding to taper off any meds. It is just too unsafe to try it without medical oversight. Be safe and seek medical help with this. Even under a general practitioner’s care, the symptoms associated with protracted withdrawals can be intolerable. However, one must not despair, because there is a better protracted withdrawal treatment solution available.

In most cases, our protracted withdrawal treatments significantly reduce or eliminate painful symptoms.

For help with a comfortable and safe cessation without protracted withdrawal symptoms, call us at Alternative to Meds Center at the number listed on this page. Our staff have helped literally thousands go through the process with success. We are here to assist and we do understand the problems and how to avoid protracted withdrawal symptoms. We have many families who have successfully had a loved one complete their taper and recovery with Alternative To Meds Center without protracted withdrawal. We can provide you with families to speak with so you can feel confident about our services.

Protracted Withdrawal

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