Personality Disorder

Personality Disorder

Personality Disorder

While the traditional approach for personality disorder may be psychiatric drugs, it is possible to effectively treat this sometimes daunting condition without medication.

Ready for some shocking news? Personality Disorder ( PD ) is the #1 psychiatric disorder on planet earth. In actual fact, this is because the term itself denotes a very wide range of symptoms, statistically resulting in from 40% to 60% of all psychiatric patients having been diagnosed with some variation of PD. There are many variations of this disorder as it is really a general term that can apply to many specific types of disorders and troubles.

Personality disorder is used to describe many kinds of symptoms and conditions, like paranoid, compulsive, antisocial and many others. These are all subcategories ( varieties ) of Personality Disorder as listed in the DSM IV, psychiatry’s most current diagnostic manual. This manual lists out the current roster of mental conditions and attendant symptoms. Most of these variations have a prescription tied to them, such treatments are heavily and specifically promoted by the pharmaceutical companies who manufacture and sell them. For instance, a person labelled paranoid would likely be prescribed “medication A”, a person labelled schizo-affective (prior to the cancellation of the label in May 2013 due to it having no workable clinical description) would be prescribed “medication B”, or perhaps “A and B” together. There are many disorders listed, perhaps as many as there are pharmaceutical drugs available on the market. Perhaps a person has been prescribed one, two, or a dozen drugs, and yet still has their issues unresolved. Perhaps one was looking for a more effective and less toxic solution. Perhaps there are those who were even told that there is nothing more that can be done – but we are here to proclaim that is just not true.

We look at all of the possible underlying causes of personality disorder symptoms.

If a person feels their personality disorder treatment has been less than satisfactory, and are still suffering from symptoms of PD one can pick up the phone and call Alternative to Meds Center, at the number listed on this page, and find out what other protocols and treatments are available. Our mission is to assist those who seek authentic relief from such troublesome and persistent health issues as Personality Disorder or any of its variations.

Staff are always pleased to speak with anyone concerning what treatment options might open the door to full recovery from these troublesome and ruinous symptoms.

Personality Disorder

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