It is thought that before the turn of the century, arthritis was relatively unknown. Many African Americans now have been diagnosed with arthritis, yet in the 1950’s, not a single case of arthritis was to be found in Africa. Since arthritis is THE most common cause of disability in the US today, whether rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis of the knees, or indeed any arthritic joint, this is a major concern for many people, across the genders, and across all ethnicities. Doctors are reluctant to admit that “there is no cure” and with this lack of treatment options, the problem is spiralling to unheard of proportions. Some agencies predict by 2030 that one in three will be diagnosed with arthritis symptoms of some form of arthritis. The drugs that are prescribed do not cure, and sometimes even complicate the problem.

Some agencies predict by 2030 that one in three will be diagnosed with some form of arthritis.

The good news is that some remarkable arthritis treatment research has been done by some leading physicians, with amazing results. For instance, the condition known as “leaky gut” ( undesirable permeability of the intestinal walls ) has been pointed to as being a potential factor in this condition. This condition allows toxins and undesirable waste products to re-enter the system, causing inflammation and other symptoms, some of which are called “arthritis”. Therefore it is expedient to remove toxins from the body, and to reform one’s diet to foods that do not promote leaky gut, and support the healing process. Parasites, food allergies and toxic environments as well as diet have all been found to have a connection to arthritic symptoms. This is good news indeed for those who have suffered for too long from debilitating arthritis, and who have even become addicted to pain pills because of their arthritic condition.

The drugs that are prescribed do not cure, and sometimes even complicate the problem.

If one is suffering from arthritis, whether rheumatoid or any form, it is likely that an overhaul of the gut, the blood, and also the diet has yet to be corrected. Alternative to Meds Center may have the answers you have been seeking for your arthritis treatment. Don’t give up hope! Call the number on this page today to inquire about what leading treatments are available for you in your unique situation and your unique symptoms.

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