Klonopin Withdrawal Success – Jeremy

Klonopin Withdrawal - Success Stories

Thank-you to all the wonderful staff and my fellow companions I have made throughout this journey.

Klonopin Withdrawal Success – Jeremy

Jan 16, 2013

My name is Jeremy, I am a new intern at ATMC. I hail from the southern state of Arkansas, where currently I am a school teacher.

I began taking Klonopin when I was twenty years old or so, having the complete assurance of my doctor, of course, that this was the correct plan of action that I needed to take to better my health. That was a joke, I am now realizing some fifteen years later.

About six months ago, a friend of my mothers began trying to stop taking her nightly dose of half a milligram of Klonopin she took to help with her RSL (restless leg syndrome). She was having a horrific and unpleasant time coming off only half a milligram, and here I am taking the prescribed amount of three to four milligrams a day. I thought, surely my doctor ( good friend, good pal) wouldn’t allow me to cautiously take a medicine that would cause me this much agitation and distress to halt whenever I see fit right. So, I began to investigate this drug known as a benzodiazepine quite a bit closer.

Quickly was I informed of the dreadful stories that came with the tapering off of this devilish medication! So, I thought I better begin the process of coming off this drug. As I began this course of action over seen by my loving doctor who was and still is ignorant of the repercussions of this immoral cure. I quickly began becoming very conscious of my mother’s friend struggles. My next step quickly became trying to find some assistance in this adventure. That’s when I became aware of ATMC. With all my confusion and all my many questions, the wonderful staff at Alternative to Meds Center briskly made it aware that this was the place I was looking for. So, now I am here, in lovely Sedona, AZ, quickly down to only .25 of a klonopin. With the help of the supplements, the sauna program, and my extremely loving, caring case manager Hilary, it should be no problem to complete.

So, I am down to get this party started and quickly get my life back to some form of normalcy that’s been a long time a due! Thank-you to all the wonderful staff and my fellow companions I have made throughout this journey. You all hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my wonderful impending life. I can’t say enough gratitude to all who made this possible. Much love from the bottom of my heart.

Jeremy S

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