Free from Seroquel, Ecstasy

Free from Seroquel, Ecstasy - Success Stories

This place taught me to love myself ... Thanks to Alternative to Meds Center I am a much better person not only with my habits but my lifestyle choices.

Oct 19, 2010

Now free from psychosis, Seroquel, ecstasy, paranoia, and the label schizophrenic.

I had the typical college lifestyle for about 3 years. I pushed that lifestyle to the limit like everything else I did in life. I was using ecstasy, acid, mushrooms, pot and alcohol all to a great excess. I finally had a reality check in my own head.

The paranoia and anxiety from all the drug use put me in survival mode. I believed that the federal government was tracking me and that I had to get home to survive a life sentence. I had help from some true friends that helped me get to the airport to fly home. I got the plane grounded on my way home because I was so nervous that the people on the plane were psychologists trying to give me the death penalty for all my wrong doings.

Once I got home I thought my family was under investigation as well. The paranoia and psychosis became so great that even my own parents thought I was insane. They were hours away from sending me to a psych ward where I would have been labeled psychotic for life and put on horrible meds. Luckily my parents cared enough to take me to a doctor that could evaluate me. She labeled me schizophrenic and put me on Seroquel. The meds calmed me down but I still had lucid and outrageous thoughts about being followed.

In the days after my parents found this place [Alternative to Meds Center] online and sounded like the answers to our prayers, we came to visit and started to really believe this place could help. I came the next week and started my treatment. I was finally coming to the realization that this was a safe place and that I wasn’t being watched. This place showed me so much about our toxic lifestyles and helped me piece together why I ended up going nuts.

This place taught me to love myself. It gave me the building blocks of knowledge of health and neurotoxin and neurotransmitters to help heal myself the natural way. Thanks to Alternative to Meds Center I am a much better person not only with my habits but my lifestyle choices.


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