Integrative Psychiatry

Integrative Psychiatry

If you’ve been told that the only solution for psychiatric symptoms is prescription medication, it’s not the whole story. Integrative psychiatry is available.

At Alternative to Meds Center, we provide an integrated approach to address underlying causes of mental health symptoms.

Integrated Psychiatry approach to address underlying causes of mental health symptoms.

We offer an alternative to traditional psychiatry that educates clients on how to effectively handle psychiatric symptoms in other ways besides medication use. You don’t have to become trapped in the cycle of being medicated and visiting the doctor. Bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and even schizophrenia can be treated holistically.

Using integrative medicine, we have helped thousands of individuals overcome psychiatric problems.

Integrative psychiatry is a branch of integrative medicine that includes both conventional and alternative medicine. Alternative to Meds Center believes that this approach to mental health allows for a superior focus on the entire individual – body, mind and soul. Integrative psychiatry practitioners offer holistic based treatment for depression, anxiety, brain imbalances, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and other mental health concerns. We have found that clients struggling with anxiety, depression, insomnia, mood disorders, stress related symptoms, mood disorders, fatigue, and other health issues benefit from treatments provided. When psychiatric conditions are left untreated or not effectively addressed with conventional medicine, difficulties often occur in relationships, quality of life and overall functioning.

Are you challenged with psychiatric symptoms, but you have not had success with traditional medicine alone? We can help.

Contemporary medicine is a field that’s especially beneficial to the standards of integrative psychiatry. Most psychiatric symptoms are responsive to treatments other than drugs. People who have not responded optimally or tolerated traditional medicine treatments are good candidates for complementary and integrative treatments. We offer a rational and proven approach to the integrated treatment of mental health conditions, combining the principles of complementary and alternative therapies with important principles of traditional medicine and psychology.

With investigative techniques, we are able to find and treat the cause of psychiatric symptoms.

Ancient civilizations around the world have realized that emotional well being and vibrancy spring from a balanced life – a life maintained by wholesome foods, rich with both calming and energizing activity, and put emphasis on one’s connection with nature and community. In such a circumstance, the spirit is resilient and strong, and capable of growing and embracing loss and pain, which are natural parts of human life. Modern-day civilization is commonly deprived of the factors of a stable life, and emotional wellbeing can be harder to attain. When chronic illness, physical injury or interpersonal loss comes into one’s life, nourishing the soul can be especially difficult. In some cases, a feeling of losing one’s soul occurs, which can manifest as depression, anxiety or other mental challenges.

We use scientific, safe and holistic solutions for stabilizing the body and brain.

Our integrative psychiatry center offers a variety of services to improve each individual’s capacity to sustain his or her emotional wellness, as well as self-awareness, particularly when dealing with the inevitable stress of life. We focus on an individual’s strengths and encourage their ability to be their own self health care experts. Alternative to Meds Center practitioners are considerate of the several dimensions that negatively influence psychological wellness. These include an individual’s physical, mental, behavioral, interpersonal, environment, nutritional and spiritual dimensions. Therapies are created to improve an individual’s wellbeing and can be utilized to address a number of problems, including: alcoholism, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, depression, drug addiction, fibromyalgia, medication dependence, obsessive compulsive disorder ( OCD ), psychosis, and more.

You don’t have to face psychiatric problems alone. Conventional medicine is not the only choice, you have other options.

Our medical professionals work together with traditional and alternative medicine practitioners and recognize the interaction between the several healing systems of the body which can be utilized to increase emotional wellbeing, particularly with regard to complex medical conditions, chronic pain and physical injury. In our luxury residential treatment center, a medical doctor assesses each client and obtains medical and psychiatric history. Then, after lab testing and other investigative measures, our professional team discusses the array of available treatments and works with clients and practitioners to design an integrated program that is most appropriate for the client’s needs.

A customized plan is designed for each client by our professional team.

Alternative mental health treatment plans may include any grouping of the following therapies: cognitive behavioral therapy, peer support, group therapy, herbal or botanical remedies, conventional medicine, nutritional therapy and counseling, yoga, meditation, sauna therapy, acupuncture, massage, dietary changes, exercise, physical training, medication withdrawal treatment, IV nutrient treatments, ionic footbaths, detoxification, and alternative mental health therapies targeted at creating relaxation.

Are you ready for a treatment that is real and truthfully effective?

At Alternative to Meds Center, the goal of integrative psychiatry treatment is to create long lasting success and relief from psychiatric symptoms. To provide an alternative to traditional psychiatry that is effective and offers long term success, each of our clients is given a fully personalized treatment regimen. Our program is located in a healing environment with 24/7 care, medical direction, a kind staff, and we offer aftercare programs to ensure that clients are able continue their new happy, healthy lifestyles after leaving our facility.

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