Addictive Biochemistry

Addictive Biochemistry

There are usually physiological reasons, even medical reasons, why a person may be drawn to certain addictions.

Addictive Biochemistry Correction

Addictive Biochemistry Correction

The alcoholic may be hypoglycemic, in which case their low blood sugar creates cravings that the alcohol (liquid sugar) satisfies. People with slow metabolism, sluggish thyroid or eating habits that include caffeine and stimulating foods may be drawn to stimulants.

Folks with anxiety may be drawn to alcohol or benzodiazepines, having anxiety with underpinnings of a neurotoxic burden that overstimulates the nervous system. This is how a pesticide kills a pest; the pesticide chemicals overstimulate the nervous system. Chemicals can do the same thing to us.

Before we can correct addictive biochemistry, we have to discover the specific underlying causes.

Addictive biochemistry correction may be the solution you are searching for.

Addictive biochemistry correction may be the solution you are searching for.

People drawn to opiates and other painkillers may genetically produce less endorphins (our natural pain killers), leaving them predisposed to this type of addiction. Or, they may have an Arsenic burden which has specifically poisoned their ability to manufacture endorphins. Insomniacs may have a Mercury burden that interferes with the production of sleep neurohormones.

Nicotine forms nicotinic acid, which is Niacin, and the person who is deficient in Niacin may find it harder to stop smoking. There are many physical reasons that an addict is “self-medicating” and until the addictive biochemistry is addressed, the cravings will continue despite cognitive awareness of their addictive psychology.

Our methods investigate the biochemical factors responsible for addiction, and correct it through diet, supplementation and also by the removal of toxins like heavy metals and other accumulated poisons that may be interfering with the person’s ability to maintain neurochemical balance.

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