About Us - Alternative to Meds Center

1. We are a State Licensed Residential Center.

We are a Licensed Residential Holistic Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Center, which is just one step below that of a hospital. Accordingly, you will receive around-the-clock care and supervision. Our team also manages many diverse medical concerns. Programs include comprehensive medical oversight by our medical staff. We assess treatment needs, run lab tests including toxicity testing, and handle all medication concerns.

2. We specialize in Psychiatric Medication Withdrawal.

It is very likely that we are the only licensed residential center in the world that specializes in the reduction of medications to the degree that we do. We provide supervised tapering from psychiatric or narcotic medication within a relaxed, loving, and safe environment. We emphasize behavioral and cognitive changes so that residents can maintain the physical and mental progress they have achieved at the center. Our methods include neurotransmitter repair and the removal of neurotoxins that have poisoned the brain. Each person is treated as an individual and gets a program tailored to their need.

3. Cutting edge scientific techniques based on 11 years of experience.

Advanced Treatments

We provide a range of holistic and medical treatments. The services include Environmental Medicine, Biotransformation of Toxic Burden, Heavy Metal Chelation, Targeted Neurotransmitter Repair, top-shelf Microbiome science including Organic Diets with a Nutritionally Ketogenic Focus, Nebulized Glutathione, Acupuncture, Energy Medicine, Massage, Ionic Footbaths, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Medical Management, and many other holistic therapies.

Orthomolecular Medicine

We use Orthomolecular Medicine to help residents reduce their intake of psychiatric medications, and to address addictive biochemistries.

Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment

As a treatment facility for drugs and alcohol, we investigate the medical and addictive biochemical reasons why an individual may be addicted. Believe it or not, there is often a medical component that drives cravings. Counseling and spiritual modalities are available and applied based on individual need and preference. Our model is tailored to the individual, rather than and individual acquiescing to fixed expectations. We do not treat the person as a disempowered addict.

4. We have a very experienced and professional staff.

Our Professional Staff

We have licensed doctors, nurses, and therapists who are dedicated to helping individuals make lasting changes in their mental and physical health. Our integrative approach brings together many different practitioners with various backgrounds such as Allopathic, Pain Management, Internal, and Environmental Medicine as well as Naturopathic, Orthomolecular, and Chinese medicine.

5. We have amazing real life success stories and videos!

I Feel Like A Kid Again

Success Story totally love this program! It is so wonderful to feel the way I did when I was a young kid again. Never have I felt as great as I do right now, ever in my whole life before this. The program is incredibly unique. The ATMC staff is spectacular, and they genuinely care about each and every client. What also makes this so perfect for me is the fact that almost every person on the staff is also in one phase or another of their own recovery. They have experienced and lived on both sides. I feel euphoric about how clear my mind is. I am thoroughly enjoying the experience of my sensitive senses which are newly heightened. My life has undergone a total turnaround from past self-destructive, life-ending, and negative ways of life to where I now feel optimistic, and I am striving to help others. Thank you to everyone who has helped me to get onto this path to my new life. Especially I want to thank the all of the staff for saving my life and for never, ever giving up on me.

6. We are located in a luxurious, retreat-like setting.

luxurious, retreat like setting in
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