Modafinil addiction – An overview of effects on the job, side effects, treatment help, alternatives, tapering offered at the Alternative to Meds Center.

modafinil addiction treatmentAny time a person regularly takes a drug that alters how the brain functions, like modafinil, (Alertec), they put themselves at risk of modafinil addiction or dependence. This universal fact remains true whether one’s physician has prescribed the drug or whether one has found other sources for the drug. In some countries, modafinil is available without a prescription. 

College students have been inundated with a lot of hype about modafinil being the drug of choice for staying up all night cramming for exams or writing vast tomes of backlogged writing assignments. These drugs are nick-named “smart drugs” which makes them seem like a magical enhancement drug for students. They are no such thing. Taken regularly, they most definitely can be addictive and can ruin cognitive ability, memory, physical and mental health. (1)

modafinil alters dopamine Studies show that modafinil doesn’t raise IQ or make you smarter. But if you are sleep-deprived, it will force you to stay awake and alert despite lack of sleep. This is because the drug, like other stimulants, blocks two major neurotransmitters. This floods the nervous system/brain with dopamine and norepinephrine. If you continue taking it every day for an extended period of time, there are some definite downsides. Eventually, the body/brain/nervous system will become deficient in these neurotransmitters. You can find more about these topics in the section about side effects, below. 

Modafinil – Effects On the Job and in the Work Place

modafinil provigil alternativesSome take modafinil for a condition called “narcolepsy”, or daytime sleepiness. Obviously, falling asleep at work could present critical problems on the job, including safety. For example, an airline pilot can’t fall asleep at the controls, and a truck-driver can’t doze off at the wheel.  A jet-lagged traveler may find their daytime meeting impossible due to the fatigue. 

alternative natural medicineThere are holistic programs that aim to discover the cause of daytime sleepiness and fix the root cause. This would make artificial stimulants unnecessary. The Alternative to Meds Center has been working with clients to solve these problems for many years, with great success. 

Good quality sleep is one of the most important factors allowing for mental clarity, alertness, and energy. There are many alternative treatments for sleep issues that don’t involve addictive or invasive drug-taking. You are invited to contact us directly to find out more about effective alternatives to modafinil for improvements in daytime wakefulness, and for better quality sleep.  

Modafinil – Know the Side Effects 

ParanoiaOf concern, modafinil side effects can cause havoc, and even life-threatening reactions such as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, and others. (2) Even before habitual use causes dependence or addiction, side effects from the drug can reportedly include: 

  • nervousness
  • anxiety
  • headache  
  • nausea, loss of appetite
  • diarrhea
  • stomach ache
  • insomnia

Less common side effects can include these: 

  • tremors, shaking
  • modafinil-induced psychosis
  • anorexia
  • vertigo
  • liver damage, multiple organ disruption
  • tardive dyskinesia, especially in the facial muscles, mouth, and jaw
  • paresthesia, a burning, crawling or tingling, numbness or pins and needles sensation of the skin
  • ulcers
  • hallucination, altered perceptions, paranoia
  • heart palpitations
  • tachycardia (racing heartbeat, pounding heartbeat)
  • rashes, including life-threatening Stevens-Johnson Syndrome requiring immediate medical intervention. 
  • NOTE: these rashes can become permanently disfiguring or disabling even after discontinuing the medication. (3)

and many others. 

Modafinil Addiction Treatment Help 

Of course, where one has become dependent on a drug to stay awake, most likely sleep issues will need to be resolved to be able to come off the drug successfully. Modafinil tapering can be made easier by utilizing modafinil alternatives (drug-free) for wakefulness. But, most importantly, we focus on discovering and correcting root causes for daytime sleepiness, insomnia, low energy, sleep apnea, and other issues of concern. 

Therefore, allergies, diet, accumulated neurotoxic material, psycho-social, and many other areas can be checked and resolved using non-drug-based methods. The transition to drug-free can be made tolerable and eased using the correct choices for treatment protocols. Testing and other assessments are used to evaluate the best treatments for each individual upon entry to the program. 

modafinil addiction help at ATMC

Please contact us at the Alternative to Meds Center for a thorough overview of the protocols, testing processes, and treatments used in our health-focused, evidence-based modafinil addiction treatment programs. 


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