Although mania may seem difficult to overcome, the symptoms and causes of mania can be addressed and corrected.

Mania (from the Greek root which means “addiction to”) has come down the centuries to mean in current psychiatric verbiage, a condition lasting at least one week of heightened enthusiasm, euphoria, inability to sleep and elevated self esteem. Other characteristics have come to be added to the list, over time.

The most common examples of this condition today are substance induced mania symptoms which occur when substance abuse is occurring or has occurred. This substance induced mania high is usually followed by a crash. Hence many addicts have come to be diagnosed bipolar as that pattern would fit the criteria. The usual mania treatment once diagnosed is to drug the patient. However, if the actual addiction and risky behavior have not been curtailed in treatment, there is no drug in the world that will cure the highs and lows of drug addiction. Like pouring gasoline on a fire, it does not alleviate and can in fact exacerbate the factors that led to the manic state.

Mania can be made worse with the use of certain medications.

If one has suffered from substance abuse which resulted in a manic state or a bipolar or other diagnosis, and the substance induced mania treatment received did not handle the situation satisfactorily, one can call the Alternative to Meds Center at the number on this page. One owes it to oneself to find out what other methods of treatment are available to recover one’s health and to also discover the methods of sustaining the mental clarity and balance that can be achieved through a sound treatment process.