Narcolepsy is a condition of sleep disruption leading to such symptoms as overwhelming sudden tiredness and other symptoms such as “sleep paralysis” also known as catallaxy.

Narcolepsy symptoms are physical in nature, and not considered a mental illness, however the condition does lead to other symptoms such as anxiety about social situations, hurting oneself from falling, and the like. It may be genetic in origins, and some evidence has suggested this. It may also be related to toxins from vaccines and other sources, as suggested by research done in Europe when instances of narcolepsy spiked and then returned to normal after vaccinations were done on a massive basis.

Narcolepsy can literally be exhausting, especially without the proper treatment.

Since these sleep disorders such as narcolepsy or catallaxy may have as part of symptom onset the reaction or response to environmental toxins, one of the most prudent treatments would likely be to effectively test for and remove toxic load from the body. As the condition does tend to gradually worsen throughout a person’s life, this would also support the possibility that toxic load is related, as it too would be gradually worsening through accumulation over the course of a lifetime. Narcolepsy can be a very debilitating barrier to a relaxed and comfortable life, as one who is afflicted generally develops a certain anxiety around social situations or work where a sudden onset of non-negotiable sleep might occur unpredictably. These symptoms can make this sleep disorder a very difficult condition to live with.

Our approach is to correct any potential underlying causes of narcolepsy while also effectively relieving symptoms through natural therapies.

If life has been ruined by this condition, perhaps it is time to consider a full body tune-up, such as Narcolepsy treatment involving full lab testing and purging any toxic load that has found its way into the system. Anyone can call the Alternative to Meds Center today for an evaluation and information on what treatment services may be of benefit in reducing symptoms and we hope that this may provide great and tangible relief as unwanted symptoms reduce and the quality of life is seen to improve.