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Tamara Lee Standard, Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide and Sound Healer at ATMC is a wild wisdom yogini and certified yoga instructor E-RYT200 who has used both conventional and unconventional techniques to release her’self’ from the bondage of ‘self.’

Devoted to yoga and meditation since 2000 when she first began her recovery from self-destructive addictions and tendencies, Tamara brings much needed practical application to enigmatic liberation theories. She also inspires elevation and complete freedom in those seeking to uplift themselves out of negative habits. Certified in various styles of yoga, founder of the online transformation portal Modern Mystic Yoga Academy, Tamara is a passionate catalyst who can both be fiercely intense to motivate her students as well as gentle and sweetly compassionate to soften the bumpy transitions in personal evolution.

As a creative and dedicated disseminator of wisdom, she has led Yoga Teacher Trainings, Immersions, festivals and retreats in remote locations. She is comfortable initiating new folks to the magic of yoga as well as sharing new approaches and challenges to seasoned practitioners. Devoted to liberation since childhood, formally introduced to yoga from her father’s copy of the Gita and Upanishads and his profound understanding combined with applicable commentary, she has been participating in the yogic world for over 25 years and understands deeply the path and the struggles one faces in the modern world to maintain a sadhana or personal practice.

From teaching yoga on the streets to active addicts, (living in painful addictive cycles herself and coming through them as well), to gyms, studios, for special populations such as those in recovery from eating disorders and survivors of sexual assault, Tamara has now moved beyond yoga, as it has become known in the west, and supports those who need help vetting practices/teachers and ideologies and deprogramming from various cults: from family of origin to religious/spiritual groups and government indoctrination.

She has spent most of her life in the pursuit of enlightenment to the extreme of completing a 3-year, 3-month, 3-day meditation retreat. During this time she was able to live like a yogi in silence and isolation, piercing the veils of delusion and laying to rest remnants of her old self with Yogic and Tibetan Buddhist practices. This assisted her in strengthening her intuitive capacity and ability to guide students in personal practices appropriate for their evolutionary stage. She also immersed deeply in Christian contemplation and is very comfortable weaving teachings in from a multitude of traditions and empowering people to trust their own intuition regarding the spiritual life. Adept in fear elimination and mental housekeeping, she is an excellent guide to navigating through old habits and embracing a new lifestyle in line with modern mystic wisdom. People love her charisma, down to earth nature and wealth of practical experience.

Trainings include Sivananda Ashram 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training 2001, Kundalini Research Institute
200-hr Yoga Teacher Training 2006, Anusara Yoga Immersion
Portions of YTT 2007-2009 & continuing education with various yoga workshops/immersions/meditation retreats.

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Tamara Lee Standard
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