Alex Ruiz

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Alex is an Arizona native, being born into a big family and raised in Cottonwood, Arizona. He grew up spending a lot of time around his aunt who was a caregiver for children, so he was always surrounded with other kids to help look out for.

As a young adult, he worked for his family’s various businesses including a restaurant and construction company in Holbrook, Arizona. Upon moving back to Cottonwood, AZ, Alex was hired and quickly promoted into a managerial role for a nationwide restaurant chain.

By nature Alex is a helpful person who cares a lot for others, which is apparent the moment you meet him. His innate desire to serve is what most attracted him to working at ATMC — to have the opportunity to help others change and heal their lives.

As a Weekend Care Provider here, Alex strives to provide clients with as many off site activities as possible, such as gym runs, hiking and other off site outings. Since working at ATMC he has learned a lot about health and wellness, which has inspired him to make several significant changes in his own life, including eating cleaner and exercising more often. During his time off, Alex enjoys getting things organized and spending time with his family and close friends.

Alex Ruiz
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