How to Quit Taking Ativan

How to Quit Taking Ativan

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Many people who end up taking Ativan wonder how to quit taking Ativan. Whether Ativan is given as a long or short term solution, it is very addictive.

Original reasons why Ativan and other benzodiazepines are prescribed by psychiatrists and physicians include anxiety, panic, insomnia, muscle-relaxation and anti-convulsion. This and other benzodiazepines often lead to constant dosage increases to over-ride the tolerance that is created and serious withdrawal symptoms if the dosage is decreased or discontinued.

To quit taking Ativan, professional medical guidance is highly recommended due to the possibly severe consequences that an unsupervised Ativan withdrawal can present. Withdrawal from Ativan includes symptoms that are physical, emotional and psychological. Serious physical symptoms alone, including the possibility of seizures, make this a challenging withdrawal. The psychological and emotional effects make it almost impossible to manage the process of getting off this medication without help. The difficulty of self-withdrawal also often results in taking the medication again to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms one is experiencing. This can instill a sense of failure and fear of getting off Ativan due to the often horrifying experience faced with at-home withdrawals.

Alternative to Meds Center knows how to address all aspects of withdrawal. For a successful, comfortably and simple process of quitting Ativan at Alternative to Meds Center, each person we help receives a treatment protocol that is specifically tailored to their needs based on lab testing, physical and psychological assessments, and other observations. Case management ensures that if changes are needed, they are appropriately implemented. Throughout the entire program of quitting Ativan comfortably, each individual receives medical, psychological and other professional supervision to make sure that the experience is smooth and comfortable. When discomforts or concerns occur, they are addressed right away.

Clients receive counseling sessions in order to diminish anxiety and develop new coping techniques which are very important once Ativan tapering is over. None of the aspects of our program are forced. Tapering only starts when clients feel relief from the symptoms they are taking Ativan for and feel stable enough to endure Ativan withdrawal. While withdrawal is a comfortable process is our center, it does require some stability and willpower. Before, during and after tapering, some of the therapies we provide include IV nutrient therapy, massage, acupuncture, yoga, supplementation, sauna therapy, chelation, body detoxification, holistic and orthomolecular medicine, counseling, group therapy, peer support, exercise, diet therapies, whole and organic food, neurotoxin removal, corrective techniques that address underlying symptoms such as anxiety, and multiple other treatments.

Once a client has successfully completed tapering and they feel physically and emotionally stable, aftercare is offered. We aim to do more than get our clients off of Ativan; we also effectively address the underlying problems that led them to Ativan use so they can live a sustainable, healthy, medication free life. Our counselors are here to assist you and are happy to provide free consultations that can lead you in the right direction for treatment. If you are looking for a permanent answer to how to quit taking Ativan, please call our team of counselors at the number that is listed above.