How to Discontinue Klonopin

How to Discontinue Klonopin

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One no longer needs to wonder how to discontinue Klonopin with help that is thoughtful, methodical and professional.

Klonopin discontinuation at Alternative to Meds Center is made comfortably achievable through the use of pre-tapering and tapering in conjunction with multiple medical and holistic therapies. Pre-tapering prepares the person for Klonopin tapering, and gets them to a place where they are feeling relief, stable, and capable of enduring a smooth discontinuation of their medication. Before, during and after tapering, there are several treatments, techniques, and therapies provided to eliminate withdrawal effects and address the underlying causes of anxiety or other symptoms that Klonopin was prescribed for.

Our diverse methods effectively ease the protracted discontinuation effects that one typically faces during an at home withdrawal. Many benzodiazepine users attempt, at some point, to reduce or stop their medication without qualified support. Depending on the dose, length of time taking the medication, severity of anxiety, and other factors; unguided withdrawal from this medication can be close to impossible. Some of the common Klonopin withdrawal symptoms are severe anxiousness, insomnia, and seizures. Since benzodiazepines are what Alternative to Meds Center most frequently helps people get off of, we are very familiar with the possible complications and how to properly prevent them

Our program for how to discontinue Klonopin successfully does more than relieve withdrawal. It is our goal to help correct the root cause of the symptoms that this medication was prescribed for. We accomplish this with the use of lab testing that allows us to identify toxic buildup, deficiencies, imbalances, and other causes of symptoms. Neurotoxin removal, lifestyle changes, customized diets, supplementation, IV nutrient treatments, group therapy, peer support, counseling, and other individualized therapies are targeted to meet each person’s distinctive needs.

The methods we employ are gradual, never forced, and clients are included in decision making. Using medical, holistic, corrective, and preventative techniques, we are able to identify and target the sources of anxiety and other symptoms as well as relieve effects from Klonopin withdrawal. Case management, lab testing, and ongoing assessments ensure that if any discomfort arises during discontinuation; it can be immediately addressed. Aftercare, which is offered following successful completion of discontinuation, includes many of the same therapies that are employed throughout withdrawal and helps one transition from the luxurious and safe atmosphere of our treatment center into home-life. We have assisted thousands of people through this process. If you want a real, long-term solution to anxiety and how to discontinue Klonopin, please call the number on this page for a free consult.