Xanax Withdrawal

Xanax Withdrawal

We realize at Alternative to Meds Center that more successful answers are available than staying medicated with Xanax and struggling with Xanax withdrawal symptoms. 

The body and brain become adapted to Xanax in a way that difficult withdrawal effects present once the medication is reduced in dosage or discontinued. Xanax users can experience some of the most distressing withdrawal symptoms of any medication when attempting to discontinue or decrease this medication without professional help. We offer scientifically based techniques of Xanax withdrawal help that ensure the process of withdrawal is content and leads to lasting success.

You do not have to remain on this medication, and you do not have to go through unbearable withdrawal; we know how to address these problems comfortably and safely. Since benzodiazepine withdrawal can be uncomfortable, painful and possibly even threatening to a person’s health, the safest and most comfortable way to withdrawal from Xanax is during a monitored period of slowly reducing the Xanax dosage while recovering in Xanax withdrawal treatment. Never stop Xanax cold turkey, withdrawing from this medication can take several weeks as the body needs plenty of time to adjust to being without the drug. By slowly reducing the dosage, severe withdrawal symptoms are most likely to subside. A slow reduction process should be done with the help of a medical health care professional and should be closely monitored in the case of severe withdrawal symptoms emerging such as seizures or convulsions. We provide medically monitored Xanax tapering and withdrawal treatment that substantially lessens withdrawal or eliminates symptoms altogether. 

The difficulties of benzo withdrawal typically stem from a physical dependency upon the medication. The body and mind can easily become dependent on benzodiazepines, particularly after long term use. Many individuals knowingly abuse benzodiazepines to get high; however, many other individuals have no intent of abusing or becoming dependent on these medications. Individuals who purposely abuse the medication likely have an addiction to it and will most likely need treatment from a rehabilitation center for Xanax addiction withdrawal symptoms. Even patients who never intended to become dependent on this drug may still need drug rehabilitation help to successfully overcome Xanax withdrawal effects. We employ scientifically based methods that relieve withdrawal effects and address the underlying causes of anxiety

The most common use of this medication is for the treatment of anxiety, panic and other related disorders. Xanax side effects of withdrawal occur mentally and physically. The very reason that this drug is prescribed can make withdrawal even more difficult as worsened anxiety often emerges upon discontinuation of use. All of the anxiety that was present before consuming the medication is extremely likely still be there if the drug is discontinued. Extreme anxiety makes it devilishly hard for people to endure the benzodiazepine withdrawal process, even when the medication is slowly reduced from the system; worsened anxiety is one of the trademark symptoms from benzo withdrawal. We provide much more than tapering and withdrawal treatment. We use specific methods to stabilize the neurochemistry that make the withdrawal process uncomplicated and content.

Learning how to cope with anxiety without using drugs is a key role in successful Xanax withdrawal help. The skills and tools needed to be anxiety free without using this medication can be learned within our Sedona withdrawal treatment center, from our counselors, doctors, and in group meetings. Through these resources, tools and skills needed to be free of the medication and of anxiety can be learned. Without any help, guidance, medical advice or support; discontinuation of this drug almost always leads to drug relapse because of uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and prolonged Xanax withdrawal period. A structured withdrawal plan should be created in order to avoid uncomfortable symptoms, relapses, addiction and the vicious cycle of prescription drug dependence. Even the reasons why one began to take Xanax can be addressed more efficiently when the drug is not present

If you are not prescribed to this medication and are self medicating, seeking advice from our treatment center will certainly set you in the right direction. The short process of withdrawal can ultimately lead to being free of anxiety without having to use benzodiazepines or any other drugs. The symptoms of this drug’s withdrawal include insomnia, seizures, convulsions, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations, increased heart rate, sweating and feeling like you are having a heart attack. End anxiety now by seeking Xanax withdrawal treatment and you can learn to cope with anxiety in more effective ways. Understanding why withdrawal occurs is easier if you first look at underlying causes of anxiety, and how the medication works

This drug works by causing the nerve synapse to be less passable for Calcium and more passable for GABA. GABA is our body’s main neurotransmitter which is inhibitory. GABA is what lessens the extremity of nerve impulses. Benzodiazepine medication consumption will force the body into spending all of its GABA, when all of the GABA is gone, then everything becomes over-stimulating for the person. Underlying causes of anxiety are frequently identified as toxins, toxic heavy metals, neurotoxins and thousands of other chemicals that can accumulate in a person’s body over a lifetime. These toxins cause the persons nervous system to be over-stimulated. This is usually where a person’s body is at when they start taking Xanax. Withdrawal symptoms are the neurochemistry trying to produce stability. We can balance the brain with safety and comfort

When this medication is withdrawn, there is a sudden influx of Calcium which can cause muscle contractions, and when there is no GABA, the body becomes unable to regulate stimulus. Individuals must navigate this area carefully and choose a Xanax withdrawal schedule that they can handle. We commonly address this class of medications as unsupported withdrawal may be next to impossible. For this certain class of medications, our program of Sedona withdrawal treatment centers on using highly careful taper methods, neurochemical support with natural substances, removal of neurotoxins that collected in the person’s body from the use of the drug or from their environment, support from peers, and several therapies created to benefit these individuals through inducing relaxation including sauna, massage, meditation and acupuncture. Our distinct approach has helped thousands get off medication and achieve happiness and health.

With most individuals, rapid medication withdrawal will not alleviate the problem since anxiety remains even though the drug is not present. Our aim is to help our clients obtain long term relief and success. Please call us to know what can be done to provide Xanax withdrawal help to the person you love, or to you.  

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