Valium Withdrawal 

Valium Withdrawal

At the Alternative to Meds Center, we realize that more efficient solutions exist besides staying on Valium and suffering from Valium withdrawal symptoms.

The brain adjusts to Valium in ways that troubling withdrawal effects emerge when the medication is reduced or discontinued. Users of this medication can face some of the worst withdrawal effects of any drug when trying to discontinue Valium without professional help. We provide safe and scientific methods of Valium withdrawal help that make sure the process of withdrawal is comfortable and results in long term success. You do not have to choose between being medicated and suffering painful withdrawal. We can help you. We offer scientifically proven techniques that alleviate withdrawal symptoms and address anxiety. Each of our clients is provided with an intricate treatment regimen that is custom designed by a team of professionals.

Symptoms of withdrawal from Valium, also known as Diazepam, may be extremely uncomfortable or even serious, especially if this drug is withdrawn from the body abruptly. Diazepam is an anti-anxiety medication in a class of drugs called benzodiazepines. Valium and other benzodiazepines are known to have addictive properties. After taking Valium regularly for 4 weeks or more, which is considered prolonged use, withdrawal symptoms will most likely appear if use of Valium is interrupted. The severity of withdrawal varies depending on many factors such as the length of time this medication has been used and what the daily dosage is. We can provide you with a personalized Valium withdrawal treatment regimen to help you get through the process of withdrawal with minimal pain and lasting success.

Never stop Valium cold turkey there is the risk of encountering serious problems such as convulsions or tachycardia eg abnormal heart beat. Commonly reported symptoms from abrupt Valium discontinuation include but are not limited to diaphoresis, hypertension, psychosis, tremors, cramps, hyper-anxiety and vomiting. Valium withdrawal has been observed as similar in symptoms and signs to those of alcohol or barbiturate withdrawal. Onset of withdrawal varies; after long-term use of Valium, symptoms of withdrawal may be delayed. However, withdrawal symptoms may present themselves quickly after discontinuing short-term or infrequent use of this drug. We are medically equipped to handle cases of acute ( severe ) and protracted ( delayed ) withdrawal.

Some withdrawal symptoms are similar or even identical to the symptoms for which Valium was prescribed to treat. Being able to determine the difference between withdrawal symptoms and symptoms of the underlying mental disorder is extremely essential during withdrawal. Since withdrawing from Valium can be a complex process, this endeavor should not be embarked upon without professional Valium withdrawal help. When people try to withdraw from this drug by themselves, they are usually unsuccessful and often relapse on Valium to relieve withdrawal pain. We do more than focus on relieving symptoms of withdrawal, we also address the underlying issues that led to Valium use and provide aftercare programs that help clients maintain their newfound health and happiness without cravings for drugs. Even the sources of anxiety can be addressed more effectually without Valium.

The mentally and physically painful withdrawal symptoms from Valium can be properly managed and relieved with medical support from medical practitioners. This way, cravings for the drug and feelings of wanting to relapse are vastly lessened. Our medical professionals create Valium tapering protocols that are custom made for each client to fit their needs and biochemical make up. For long-term and frequent Valium users, body detoxification may be necessary to thoroughly rid the drug from the body. Long-term use of this medication gradually builds toxins within the body, and when consumption is stopped; the body may not function properly. This may be the reason why some people report residual Valium withdrawal side effects that last long after the drug is discontinued. Withdrawal is a sign that the neurochemistry is trying to create balance. We are capable of stabilizing the brain comfortably.

Along with detoxifying the body of toxins and pollutants, we focus on nurturing the body with vitamins, supplements and nutrition during Diazepam withdrawal. Eating healthy is tremendously beneficial, so is drinking plenty of water, being physically active and taking any supplements or vitamins that your body may need during this time. During and after withdrawal, another significant aspect is to have an alternative treatment plan in place for the condition which Valium was being used to treat. Valium withdrawal needs to be taken seriously because if this process is not properly monitored, withdrawal symptoms such as seizures can occur and could lead to death. Clients at our center are alleviated of the risks of serious withdrawal effects and provided with personalized alternative treatment plans for the underlying conditions.

To understand the reasons why benzodiazepine withdrawal occurs, the underlying causes for anxiety first need to be observed. These drugs are given to people to relieve anxiety or help them sleep. However, if used for prolonged periods, benzodiazepines are likely to emerge more problems than the drug was initially prescribed to manage; including serious withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal from these medications may present with severe anxiety, or even seizures and protracted symptoms of withdrawal. The underlying reasons that cause anxiety to occur include toxicity, toxins, neurotoxins, toxic heavy metals. They can accumulate within a person’s body over their whole lifetime. This can produce effects of a nervous system that is way too over-stimulated. There are other toxins too, including MSG mycotoxins which come from molds, aspartame, cleaning and hygiene products, processed foods; these toxins have similar stimulating effects to the nervous system. We work at discovering and correcting the underlying causes of anxiety.

Toxins have substantial impacts on function of the endocrine gland and may cause cortisol elevation, adrenal burnout, and hormonal imbalances. This is often where a person’s body is at when they started taking a benzodiazepine. However, toxins can safely be removed through methods of neurotoxin removal. At Alternative to Meds Center, this is our most commonly addressed class of medications since unsupported withdrawal may be significantly challenging to endure. So, our methods for this certain type of medication may be diverse but include gentle tapering techniques, removal of accumulated neurotoxins that have collected in the individual’s body due to the drug and their environmental surroundings, support from peers, neurochemical support from natural substances, talk therapy, group counseling, educational courses, and the beneficial effects of many relaxation promoting therapies including massage therapy, acupuncture, sauna and meditation.

Our unique techniques have assisted thousands with getting off drugs and reaching optimal health. Counselors are available to answer questions. Learn why a person experiences benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome, protracted symptoms of withdrawal, and how we can effectively address these concerns with Valium withdrawal help.

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