Valium Addiction

Valium Addiction

At the Alternative to Meds Center, we realize that more successful answers exist besides lifelong Valium use and problems with Valium addiction.

The brain adapts to Valium in such ways that difficult withdrawal symptoms occur once the drug is decreased or stopped. Valium withdrawal symptoms may be some of the most challenging effects of any withdrawal process. We have designed precise protocols of Valium addiction help that substantially eliminate withdrawal effects and efficiently address the underlying issues that first led to Valium dependence. We can effectually eliminate withdrawal and cravings so that Valium addiction treatment can occur without discomfort.

Addiction to Valium, also known as Diazepam, is exceedingly common in the U.S. since this medication is so frequently prescribed for anxiety disorders and back pain. Valium is a “go to” prescription for conditions associated with stress and indefinable ailments. As common as stress is in the United States, there is no wonder why Diazepam prescriptions are easy to acquire and Valium abuse is easy to develop. Individuals who are prone to addiction are at an even higher risk of developing a Valium addiction; such individuals should only be prescribed Valium for short periods of time and only in necessary situations. We are equipped to handle almost any situation with comfort and safety.

A tolerance to Valium is developed quickly with daily use. Tolerance to Valium’s sedative and hypnotic effects generally occurs within days. Long-term use of this medication generally will lead to some form of dependence or full blown addiction. Research studies have shown that up to 50% of patients become physically dependent to Diazepam when prescribed the medication for six months or longer. Some addictions to this drug form unintentionally or even unknowingly, but other addictions are intentional. Intentional Valium abusers often have other problems with substance abuse or addiction. Valium is often used a secondary drug of abuse to increase the “high” feelings induced from another drug, or sometimes to diminish the effects of stimulating drugs such as Cocaine or Ritalin. We understand the grip of addiction and knows how to implement corrections to an addictive biochemistry.

Even when Valium is used legitimately for therapeutic purposes only, it still carries the innate risk of physical and psychological dependence and addiction. This is a concerning problem for the many people taking this medication; particularly for individuals who have no intentions of abusing it. The cause of benzodiazepine addiction lies in the fact that consumption of the drug causes the body to build a tolerance. Then, the body will no longer react to the same dosage as it did when you first started treatment with the medication. Patients report not feeling the calmness and reduced anxiety unless their dosage is increased. However, when the dosage is increased, it’s only a matter of time before the dose will need to be increased again because the body will continue to become more and more tolerant no matter how many times the dosage is increased. Alternative to Meds Center does more than provide effective addiction and withdrawal treatment; we also address the real underlying issues that led to Valium use to provide long lasting success.

People who don’t have intentions of abusing Valium often end up doing it anyway because of the effects they feel from taking this drug; especially when an individual has an addictive personality or a history of substance abuse. People with anxiety disorders may find so much anxiety relief from this drug that they cannot live without it. For example, if a person is feeling upset, on edge, or overwhelmed with anxiety; consumption of this benzodiazepine will allow that person to feel much more in control of their feelings. The positive results and effects naturally make people want to take Valium more often; this is what often leads to constantly increasing dosage and ultimately addiction. Medication is not the only option for relief, you have alternative choices.

Many research studies suggest people should only take Valium for two to four weeks in order to reduce the possibility of addiction. People who use the medication for a longer period of time will likely experience Valium withdrawal symptoms when the medication is decreased or discontinued; which can be terribly uncomfortable, painful, or dangerous. Having professional Valium addiction help ensures that the process of withdrawal is easy and comfortable. There are alternatives to Valium that may allow individuals to be free of anxiety without the risks of Valium addiction symptoms. We provide the best therapies available for addiction, withdrawal and alternative mental health treatment. Withdrawal can symbolize the neurochemistry creating balance. We can make this a comfortable and safe experience.

In order to understand why Valium withdrawal occurs, the underlying cause of anxiety must first be examined. Toxins, neurotoxins such as heavy toxic metals, can collect in an individual’s body over the period of a lifetime. These toxins can cause the effect of a nervous system that is over-stimulated. Pesticides could be used for an example. A pesticide created to kill insects, such as grasshoppers, functions in the following manner: The toxin will absorb into the exoskeleton, and the find the way into the nervous system. A pesticide forces the nervous system’s acetylcholine channels to stay open, and will not allow them to close. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is stimulating and will make the grasshopper start jumping. Constant influx that is unregulated of acetylcholine puts insects into sleep and then death, and this is how pests are killed by pesticides. An accumulation of this same toxin acts very similarly in the human nervous system, as we also use acetylcholine for stimulation. We search for and then fix the underlying reasons that resulted in Valium use.

We identify in the majority of chronic anxiety cases, that the person has a collection of neurotoxins including toxic heavy metals which are causing over-stimulation to the nervous system. Benzodiazepines are the most frequent class of drugs we address, since unsupported withdrawal may present difficult challenges. Valium is given to people for anxiety and insomnia, however, it usually leads to more problems that it was prescribed to relieve, including physical dependence and difficult withdrawal effects.

What are Valium alternatives? To overcome addiction and alleviate withdrawal, our treatment center offers an array of treatments. Treatments may include removal of neurotoxins that have built-up in the individuals system from the drug or their environment, natural substances that provide neurochemical support, medication tapering, body detoxification, addiction counseling, group therapy, sauna therapy, dietary changes, nutritional therapy, IV nutrient therapy, acupuncture, massage, hiking, meditation, yoga, educational courses, and much more. Trained counselors are available now to answer questions. Please give us a call and find out about the Valium addiction help that we can provide for you or someone you care about. We are dedicated to resolving this dilemma with efficiency.

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