Valium Addiction 

Valium Addiction

Valium addiction can set in after as little as two weeks on this powerful benzodiazepine medication.Valium addiction can set in after as little as two weeks on this powerful benzodiazepine medication.

Valium does have a place for helping with specific acute circumstances, such as a short course of the drug to prevent seizures during alcohol withdrawal. But, more commonly prescribed for anxiety, the consequences of the longterm use of this potent drug can be debilitating in the extreme. Benzo drugs suppress the CNS (central nervous system) and when mixed with other depressants, i.e., alcohol or opiates, the risks are exponentially higher for overdose.

Side effects for Valium range from mild to extreme, and often plunge the person into a much worse condition than before starting the drug. We are optimistic at the Alternative to Meds Center, as we observe more and more holistic caregivers are recommending drug-free protocols. We understand that it is not necessary to incur the undesirable liabilities of prescription medication addiction when effective, drug-free strategies can effectively treat anxiety and other mental health concerns.

As with any addictive substance, trying to stop taking Valium once the body and brain chemistry has become dependent on it can be extremely difficult. The FDA is crystal clear when it warns not to stop taking Valium abruptly. However, doctors are not well trained in how to help someone taper off a medication efficiently. The outcome then defaults to continuing the prescription to avoid the withdrawals. But the problem of how to successfully come off such an addictive drug will only grow worse the longer one remains on the prescription. We can help and have done so for thousands of clients for more than ten years. The Alternative to Meds Center is set up to provide comfortable, safe tapering from drugs such as Valium, with a multi-phase approach to recovery.

We also aim to assist those with mental health concerns by providing drug-free protocols for such conditions. There are valid methods for handling anxiety that do not involve toxic drugs, despite the multi-million dollar ad campaigns of big pharma.

Alternative to Meds Center Treatment Program

Our beautiful residential facility is located in Sedona, standing in the cool shadows of the magnificent Red Rock Mountains. This serene setting provides plenty of fresh air, blue skies, and excellent outdoor excursions and hiking activities year-round. Photo enthusiasts are urged to bring their cameras for some of the most breathtaking photo opportunities in the world.

Clients coming to the center are under the expert care of our medical and clinical teams, who provide careful and compassionate monitoring throughout their programs. Private and semi-private accommodations are available, all with private en-suite. Meals, snacks, and smoothies are lovingly prepared by our gourmet chef, using mostly locally sourced organic produce and meats, no white sugar/flour, no processed foods or preservatives, and plenty of love and care. The center provides a welcoming community spirit of help and kindness allowing all who come to benefit from this supportive environment.

Notes on Sleep and Recovery

Sleep is essential for energy and health, but especially so during recovery, and is one of the most common complaints we address for all our clients. We provide immediate drug-free protocols to address the sleep problem. Very often, clients who have been battling an addiction to benzo drugs have not had a proper sleep for some time, so this is one of the very first areas where we want the clients to find relief.

Multiple Phases of Treatment for Valium Addiction

Our addiction treatment programs involve several phases, the first of which is investigative. Lab tests and assessment interviews are done to provide the clinical team with vital information which will help determine the program outline. There exists a relationship between neurotoxicity and unwanted symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, general malaise, and depression. Other pertinent information such as nutritional deficiencies and genetic markers are vital to understanding the corrections needed to normalize neurochemistry. Food-sourced, natural supplements are provided that will accelerate the repair and support of optimum neurochemistry, during withdrawal and treatment.

Removing toxicity from the body is the next phase, and is done using multiple protocols such as:

  • low-temperature sauna
  • chelation
  • nebulized glutathione treatments
  • clean diet, pure water for hydration
  • supplements to both ease and accelerate the purging process
  • mineral baths
  • mild exercise
  • foot baths

During the cleanse phase, and throughout the program, any physical discomforts are helped using therapeutic massage, cranial sacral work, acupuncture, and other techniques for comfort and pain relief. Only when the client has experienced benefits from removing the toxic load and has achieved improved sleep and appetite, will the tapering phase begin. We additionally provide various forms of counseling services, neurochemistry classes, and life coaching to enable the person to re-structure their drug-free life using practical skills and valuable self-care resources.

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