Benzodiazepine Side Effects

Benzodiazepine Side Effects

Alternative to Meds Center realizes that benzodiazepine side effects are sometimes more troubling than the symptoms benzodiazepines are prescribed for.

We also recognize that there are other, better approaches to treat mental health issues than lifelong benzodiazepine use. Benzodiazepine users can face challenging benzodiazepine side effects, including protracted medication withdrawal symptoms upon discontinuation of these medications. We have discovered solutions and methods of benzodiazepine side effects help to overcome adverse effects, and relieve symptoms of withdrawal. We employ scientific methods to address physical dependence, effectively relieve withdrawal, and eliminate side effects.

Over-sedation and benzodiazepine overdose are common and among the most concerning benzodiazepines side effects. Benzos such as Xanax and Valium are prescription medications used for the treatment of panic attacks, anxiety and other related anxiety disorders. These drugs can induce several, different types of side effects. One possible side effect from using these medications is withdrawal syndrome; if these medications are discontinued, uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms may emerge. Another potential side effect of benzodiazepines is physical dependence and addiction. These drugs can be very addictive and have high rates of causing physical and mental dependency; they also have a high risk of being abused, and the possibility of overdose.

Overdose is a benzodiazepine dosage related side effect, since these drugs are often abused; people often take much more than prescribed and go into a state of overdose or over-sedation. Over-sedation symptoms include poor concentration, in-coordination, feeling weak, dizziness, mental confusion and drowsiness. When these anti-anxiety medications are consumed at night to help with sleep, sedation often persists until the next day as a “hangover effect”. Tolerance to the sedating effects develops very fast, over about one or two weeks, after that time patients reportedly complain about memory function and fine judgment impairments, among other benzodiazepine problems. Don’t get caught in an ongoing cycle of being medicated and visiting the doctor.

Benzodiazepines have been known for a long time to cause amnesia; this effect is utilized when the drug is being used as a medication before surgery. Memory loss is a pleasant effect for surgery, but in other cases it is not. Memory loss is one of the common benzodiazepine adverse effects, for many people it is subtle but still noticeable, for others it impedes on their life. Impairment of episodic memory can occasionally lead to blackouts or lapses in memory, it has been shown that in some cases these memory blackouts may be due to uncharacteristic behavior such as hostility or shop lifting. Lack of concentration and attention are also very common for Ativan side effects, Xanax side effects, Klonopin side effects, Lorazepam side effects and other benzodiazepine medications side effects. You do not have to suffer from medication side effects, there are effective, drug-free solutions for anxiety.

A small percentage of users of these mediations may be affected by “paradoxical” reactions to the drug rather than the tranquilizing effects. Such paradoxical reactions include aggressiveness, violent behavior, benzodiazepine depression, suicidal thoughts or intentions, personality changes, hallucinations, depersonalization and other psychiatric symptoms. Other very common side effects include fatigue, passivity, cognitive impairment and memory impairment. Long term effects can include depression, aggression and personality changes. Seeking benzodiazepine side effects help is essential in overcoming benzodiazepine adverse effects. Our medical staff customizes a comprehensive treatment plan for each client.

Side effects of benzodiazepines also include tolerance to the drug, when the originally prescribed dose no longer produces the same effect. Long term use may lead to many dosage increases to maintain the same effects. These drugs can also cause psychomotor impairment; several research studies have shown increased risks in car accidents for drivers under the influence of these drugs. Psychomotor effects are particularly present in the elderly and they are also vulnerable to the risk of falls, fractures and developing ataxia. Benzodiazepine problems can be impairing, dangerous and threatening to your health. Even the underlying causes of anxiety may be better addressed without benzodiazepines, because the body becomes tolerant to these drugs.

These medications are prescribed for the promotion of sleep and lessening of anxiety. However, when used for prolonged time periods, they often produce more side effects and other issues than they were prescribed to address, such as very pronounced symptoms of medication withdrawal. We find that in most instances of anxiety, that the individual has an accumulation of neurotoxins such as heavy metal toxins that over-stimulate their nervous system. Usually, this is what leads to initial prescribing of these medications. When an individual wants to stop taking these medications due to side effects or other problems, withdrawal from these drugs can present symptoms of extreme anxiety, seizures, and protracted medication withdrawal. This is the class of medications that we most commonly address, as without benzo side effects help, overcoming these problems can be next to impossible.

Our diverse techniques for this particular type of medication include careful methods of tapering, lab testing, alternative to psychiatry techniques, counseling, detoxifying removal of neurotoxins that have accumulated due to use of the medication or from environmental sources, natural substances for neurochemical stability, peer support, orthomolecular medicine, and many alternative mental health therapies created to induce relaxation including yoga, massage, acupuncture, sauna, and other personally tailored methods to provide effective relief from side effects. We work to identify the underlying reasons of why you are having the symptoms that resulted in being prescribed a benzodiazepine. Admissions counselors are ready to answer your questions.Please give us a call to understand more about the help that is available for you or the person you love.

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