Sedative Withdrawal

Sedative Withdrawal

We realize at Alternative to Meds Center that alternative answers are available besides staying medicated and struggling with sedative withdrawal symptoms.

The brain adjusts to use of sedatives in such a way that troubling effects occur when the drug is decreased or stopped. We have discovered methods of sedative withdrawal help that significantly lessen withdrawal symptoms and address the originating causes of the symptoms that resulted in sedative use. Withdrawal effects are signs of the neurochemistry stabilizing. We employ methods that make the change to stability comfortable.

Sedative hypnotic withdrawal has been reported to be similar to alcohol withdrawal, and physical dependence is the main contributing factor that will eventually lead to a process of withdrawal from these drugs. Sedative hypnotics can be addictive drugs when they are consumed on a regular basis, the body and mind quickly become dependent upon them and therefore, when these drugs are discontinued the body and mind may react in uncharacteristic ways until the body is fully adjusted to being without sedating actions. Without medical sedative withdrawal treatment, sedative discontinuation can be dangerous and emerge severe symptoms of withdrawal. Slowly reducing the drug out of your system with medical support will lessen or eliminate uncomfortable or dangerous withdrawal symptoms. We provide professional treatment, including gentle tapering methods and body detoxification, to remove the medication and relieve withdrawal effects.

Symptoms of withdrawal from sedatives are the exact opposite of what is known as sedative intoxication, sedative withdrawal side effects include elevated blood pressure, increased heart rate, sweating, faster breathing, increased body temperature, shaky hands, nausea, inability to sleep, restlessness, anxiety and seizures. About one-quarter of all people who undergo withdrawal from these drugs experience seizures. If the withdrawal is severe, people may also experience visual or auditory hallucinations, this is characterized as sedative withdrawal delirium. The chance of having a seizure or experiencing hallucinations during withdrawal should be enough to reiterate the importance of having medical guidance in case you run into these problems. We are equipped to handle and relieve most, if not all, symptoms of withdrawal from sedating drugs.

Withdrawal symptoms can begin to occur hours after stopping use or sometimes days, it depends on the specific drug and its chemical structure. For instance, people who are withdrawing from Valium, a benzodiazepine, may not experience benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms for a week and may not experience peak symptoms until two weeks after stopping use. Low-level withdrawal symptoms may linger for much longer, generally the longer a person takes a sedating medication, and the higher the dose they are withdrawing from, the more severe the symptoms will be and the longer they will last. Withdrawal symptoms are also present upon discontinuation of a therapeutically prescribed dose that has been taken for a long time. However, with sedative withdrawal help, these symptoms and other problems can be considerably alleviated if not entirely eliminated. In addition to providing effectual relief from withdrawal, dependence and other medication side effects. We focus on treating the underlying problems that led to sedative use. With investigative techniques, we discover the underlying issues that resulted in using sedatives and correct these problems scientifically.

Sedative hypnotic withdrawal is also known to induce other mental health disorders. Mental health disorders that can result from dependence and withdrawal from sedating drugs include drug-induced dementia, amnesic disorder, psychotic disorder, mood disorder, anxiety disorder, sexual dysfunction and drug-induced sleep disorder. Sedating medication can cause physiological and mental slowing, but they do have legitimate medical uses. However, whether people use them properly or improperly, either way they may still develop problems with dependence, abuse, and withdrawal. Ultimately, sedative related problems are usually more troubling than the symptoms that these medications are prescribed for. We are dedicated to providing safe, effective ways to get off medication and alternative mental health treatments to replace medication. Treatment approaches are customized for each client and may include sedative tapering, counseling and aftercare.

With professional sedative withdrawal treatment, this process is safe, as comfortable as possible and any mental health disorders that are drug-induced can be treated in an orderly fashion. Undergoing sedative tapering and body cleansing will help to remove the drug from your system faster and cleansing your body during this time will also eliminate the chances of lingering withdrawal symptoms. Cleansing may also lessen the risk of developing a drug-induced mental disorder; cleansing is a powerful tool for any withdrawal process. We provide natural substances to stabilize neurochemistry, body cleansing and detoxification to remove the medication and environmental toxins, counseling, group therapies, educational courses, yoga, meditation, sauna, acupuncture, massage, nutritional therapy, dietary treatment, supplementation, aftercare, and much more. The unique methods we use have helped thousands of individuals get off medication with long term success.

For most individuals, rapidly approaching withdrawal from sedating drugs is not going to truly take away the real problems, because the original symptoms that lead to using these drugs will linger even once the medication is gone. Our goal is long term success. Trained counselors are available. We invite you to call us and find out about the sedative withdrawal help which can be provided for your loved one or yourself.

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