Restoril Side Effects

Restoril Side Effects

At Alternative to Meds Center, we are aware that Restoril side effects can ultimately be more troublesome than the symptoms Restoril was prescribed for.

We recognize that there are safer, more efficient ways of addressing problems than a lifetime of being medicated and suffering with side effects. We provide professional Restoril side effects help to assist people in eliminating side effects and getting off of this medication with little or no discomfort. We use a unique, scientific approach to address and eliminate Restoril interactions and side effects. We work to uncover the causes of the symptoms which initially led to being prescribed Restoril.

Frequently reported side effects of Restoril, also known as Temazepam, include feeling like you have a hangover, dizziness, and drowsiness. Other side effects, which occur less frequently, include tremor ( shakiness ), burning eyes, and vomiting. All side effects should be reported to a medical professional, however; there are some effects associated with this medication which are known to be serious and should receive medical attention right away. These serious side effects include hallucinations, thoughts of suicide, and jaundice ( yellowing of the eyes or skin ). Unwanted effects are common reasons that drive people’s decisions to stop taking the drug. Fortunately, there are effective alternatives to Restoril adverse effects. We can help you alleviate side effects and find the most efficient alternatives for your personal situation and needs

Restoril has been a subject of study in clinical trials where side effects were thoroughly researched. This was done by documenting and comparing one group of individuals taking the medication who experience side effects with another group of individuals not taking the medication. This makes it possible to identify which side effects of Restoril occur and how often they happen, as well as how they compare with the group of people who are not taking the drug. In these research studies, the side effects most commonly experienced included: drowsiness ( which occurs in up to 9% of people who take the medication ), lethargy in up to 4.5%, and dizziness in up to 4.5%. We provide Restoril side effects treatment that allows people to eliminate side effects by slowly tapering off of their medication and comfortably transitioning into the use of alternative treatments scientifically proven to work.

Other common Restoril benzodiazepine side effects identified in trial studies include hangover in up to 3.1% of medication users, diarrhea in up to 1.7%, unexplained pleasant or happy feelings ( euphoria ) in up to 1.5%, weakness in up to 1.4%, confusion in up to 1.3%, and vertigo ( a spinning sensation in ) up to 1.2%. Serious side effects, which may occur infrequently but are potentially dangerous, associated with using this medication, include but aren’t limited to: problems with falling down or balance, suicidal thoughts or behaviors, memory loss, agitation, excitation, or anxiety, rage, hostility, or aggression, hallucinations, jaundice ( yellow skin or eyes ), and symptoms of allergic reactions, including a rash, itching, hives, and unexplained swelling. Professional Restoril side effects help can assist you in preventing, or eliminating these unwanted effects.

Restoril medication side effects also include rare effects, which occur in 1% or less of people who take this drug. Some of the rare effects can include but aren’t limited to: a loss of appetite, problems with coordination, tremor ( shakiness ), increased and/or vivid dreaming, back pain, vomiting, burning eyes, sweating, and feelings of a forcefully or rapidly beating heart ( heart palpitations ). Even though benzodiazepine medications are prescribed to help promote sleep and relieve anxiety, when they are used long-term, they usually bring more side effects and other issues than the medication was initially intended to address, including Restoril withdrawal symptoms if this medication is discontinued or even if the Restoril dosage is decreased. This is why it is tremendously valuable to have medical help when trying to get off of these medications, as the withdrawal from these drugs can present extreme anxiety and even seizures, among other symptoms. We can help you overcome side effects, alleviate withdrawal and go on in your life without ongoing symptoms.

This is the most frequent kind of medication which we address since an unsupported Restoril withdrawal process can be virtually impossible to get through. Our techniques for this specific type of drug include finding what might have led to the symptoms that resulted in using the medication, detoxification to remove neurotoxins which have accumulated in the individual’s system due to use of the drug and environmental sources, neurochemical support provided by natural substances, support from peers, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and the beneficial effects of many therapeutic practices designed to create relaxation such as sauna, meditation, massage and acupuncture. We design an extensively personalized treatment program for each client. There are professionals counselors available now to answer questions. We encourage you to give us a call and talk with us, so you can find out all about the kind of Restoril side effects help which we offer.

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Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Success Video


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