Lorazepam Side Effects

Lorazepam Side Effects

Alternative to Meds Center realizes that Lorazepam side effects can be more difficult than the anxiety or other symptoms that Lorazepam was prescribed to treat. We also recognize that there are more effectual and safe ways to address mental health besides lifelong medication use.

We have targeted specific ways of Lorazepam side effects help to relieve any symptoms related to this medication. This allows for users to discontinue this medication comfortably. You don’t have to keep on struggling with Lorazepam side effects. There are long-term solutions that are drug-free. We employ a methodical approach to eliminate side effects and other medication concerns such as withdrawal or dependence.

There are many benzodiazepine side effects that can come with using Lorazepam, also known as brand name Ativan. For one, cognitive side effects commonly occur such as measurably and markedly impaired memory functioning, particularly the ability of storing acquired knowledge into the long-term memory. In students, this impairment on memory can be highly problematic. Ativan side effects such as anterograde amnesia can have serious afflictions in people’s lives as this side effect causes a decreased or complete lack of recall for events which occurred during periods when the drug was active. Additionally, it is suggested that the chance of acute amnesia can be much more pronounced with benzodiazepines that are short acting.

Ativan and Xanax, short-acting benzodiazepines, can be particularly likely to induce the side effect of memory impairment. Other side effects of Lorazepam include but are not limited to: sleepiness, clumsiness, dizziness, unsteadiness, insomnia, weakness, agitation, depression, disorientation, headache, nausea, visual problems, abdominal discomfort, blurred vision, drowsiness, tachycardia ( racing heart beat ), dis-inhibition ( acting dangerously, out of control or inappropriately ), and anterograde amnesia has been reported following administration of this medication which is often Lorazepam dosage related. Intravenous administration of this drug results in increased sedation, irrational behavior and hallucinations. Some users of this drug have developed leucopenia, and both lowering and elevation of blood sugar level has also been reported. Professional Lorazepam side effects treatment at our center alleviates the most troubling effects related to this medication.

In studies performed to research benzodiazepine side effects, researchers are able to provide an exact percentage of how many users experience each specific side effect. This is done by examining one group of individuals who are taking the medication and comparing this group to a separate group of people who are not on the medication. In these studies, Lorazepam adverse effects that were most commonly present included: a calming or sleeping effect ( medically known as sedation ) in 15.9% of users, dizziness in 6.9%, weakness in 4.2%, and unsteadiness in 3.4% of users. Other possible side effects from this medication can include: fatigue, drowsiness, confusion, disorientation, spinning sensation ( vertigo ), vision changes, slurred speech, constipation, changes in sex drive, impotence ( erectile dysfunction ), orgasm problems, hair loss, and lowered blood pressure. Lorazepam addiction can also develop after long-term use.

Even the causes that underlie your anxiety can be treated better without Lorazepam as side effects or dependence occurs. While all medication side effects are potentially problematic, and all secondary effects should be reported to a medical professional, some are particularly known to be much more serious than others. Some secondary effects, while usually occurring less frequently than others, are possibly serious and require medical Lorazepam side effects help. These serious side effects can include: suicidal thoughts, depression ( or worsened state of existing depression ), difficulty breathing, anxiety, agitation, or excitation, hostility, rage, or aggression, seizures, extreme insomnia, hallucinations, Lorazepam interactions with other drugs or alcohol, and signs that an allergic reaction is occurring to the medication ( rash, itching, hives, swelling ). Many of these side effects are either too bothersome or actually a danger to the person’s health, that they have to stop taking the medication.

A benzodiazepine is primarily prescribed to lessen anxiety or to promote sleep. However, after long-term use these medications often end up inducing more side effects or other issues than the drug was initially prescribed to manage, including pronounced Lorazepam withdrawal symptoms. In our drug treatment program, we have found in the majority of anxiety cases that the individual has an accumulated build-up of toxins such as toxic heavy metals that over-stimulate the nervous system. Lorazepam withdrawal side effects can emerge severe anxiety, seizures, and prolonged withdrawal. Therefore, this is the most common class of medications that we handle since benzodiazepine withdrawal can be almost impossible without help. Withdrawal is a sign that the neurochemistry is trying to produce balance, we know how to make this a smooth transition.

Our scientifically proven approaches have assisted thousands of people achieve mental health without drugs. Our rehab’s methods for this type of drug include extremely careful taper methods, removal of neurotoxins which accumulated in the individuals system from the drug or their environment, neurochemical support through natural substances, supplementation, dietary therapies, counseling, peer support, and the healing effects of many therapies targeted to induce relaxation including massage, meditation, sauna and acupuncture. Our specialized team creates a personalized plan for each client. We work diligently at discovering what led you to first need Lorazepam. Trained counselors are here to answer questions. Please call anytime to understand the kind of Lorazepam side effects help you or your loved one could receive. We’re here in dedication to getting the issue managed efficiently.

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