Librium Withdrawal

Librium Withdrawal

At Alternative to Meds Center, we know there are better answers than long term Librium use that ultimately leads to Librium withdrawal symptoms.

Librium users can face some of the most challenging symptoms of any drug withdrawal when attempting to discontinue this medication with professional guidance. We employ a process of withdrawalthat is as painless as possible and results in long term success. We can relieve withdrawal side effects and cravings so that you may successfully become Librium free. You do not have to choose between withdrawal and being medicated, we can help you get off medication with little or no pain.

Never stop Librium cold turkey as withdrawal side effects include hallucinations, depression, and memory loss. This medication should not be stopped without Librium withdrawal treatment, even if Librium abuse is present; don’t hesitate to seek out help. Librium is the brand name for a drug called Chlordiazepoxide; it is prescribed and used to relieve anxiety and control the agitation that people experience during alcohol withdrawal. This drug belongs to the addictive class of medications called benzodiazepines. Abrupt withdrawal may yield symptoms such as abdominal pains, muscle cramps, aching, convulsions, manic depression, tremors, insomnia, sweating and vomiting. With the professional Librium withdrawal support provided at our center our clients are relieved of painful withdrawal symptoms and are able to focus on becoming medication free and healthy.

Commonly reported symptoms of Librium discontinuation are a decreased sex drive, constipation, fainting, confusion, drowsiness, nausea, body vibrations, diarrhea, agoraphobia, anxiety, hair loss, flatulence, increased allergies, memory loss, difficulty speaking, suicidal thoughts, fear, paranoia, light and sound sensitivity, heart palpitations, a rapid heartbeat, yellow eyes and skin, lack of muscle coordination, muscle spasms, menstrual irregularities, vertigo, severe headaches, migraines, tension headaches, tension, personality changes, fever, seizures, numbness, tingling, skin rash, and liver problems. When people try to withdrawal from benzos by themselves, they usually end up relapsing on or start abusing alcohol or other drugs because the withdrawal can be so painful. We employ careful methods of Librium tapering to help relieve withdrawal effects, tapering is done in combination with supplementation, toxin removal, alternative mental health therapies, counseling and multiple healing activities.

Withdrawal from Librium is a hard task when done without help, particularly when this medication was prescribed to treat withdrawal from alcohol. The addiction to alcohol must be addressed and treated before successfully withdrawing from this medication. The first step in withdrawing from this medication is starting a slow taper in a medically supervised Librium withdrawal help center. The body needs time to slowly adjust to the declining blood levels of the drug. Stopping use of it suddenly or with no medical help can be dangerous and cause seizures or other health problems. Undergoing benzo withdrawal in a structured environment highly reduces the risk of relapsing on alcohol or relapsing on Librium. We can also efficiently address underlying problems with alcoholism. Even the causes of Librium use can be better addressed without it since the body ultimately becomes tolerant. Each client is given a totally customized treatment plan that is created by medical professionals.

Detoxifying the drug out of the body with comforting methods such as sauna detoxification, massage, yoga, acupuncture, physical therapy and counseling makes discontinuation of this medication much more tolerable. Our medication withdrawal program offers these services plus much more, and we specialize in detoxification of any prescription medication. We offer individualized Librium withdrawal regimens to meet each person’s needs. Detoxifying from the medication in our rehab center ensures relief from Librium withdrawal. Once the withdrawals are over, the person can start to rebuild their life without needing any substance to make them feel good. We teach individuals learn how to be happy and high on life, long after they have completed their Librium withdrawal protocol.

Benzodiazepine withdrawal occurs and can be so painful because use of the drug forces the nerve synapse to be more accessible to GABA, and much less accessible to Calcium. GABA is our body’s core inhibitory neurotransmitter. The intensities of nerve impulses are dampened by GABA. Use of a benzodiazepine will force the body to use up all the GABA that’s available, and once GABA is all gone, everything starts to be over-stimulating. Additionally, when the drug is discontinued, a sudden release of Calcium can result in muscle contractions, and even serious seizures. Protracted, long drawn-out withdrawal from benzos is classically attributed to the drug leaving the body or destroyed receptors. What is actually likely being experienced is the exact chemical toxicity which might have led to initial use of the medication, and in addition there are destroyed receptors and residue from the drug. Residual neurotoxins can still act as excito-toxins within an individual’s neurology, and they will continuously do so unless the toxins are removed.

When withdrawal occurs, it’s a sign of the brain trying to create stability. We know how to make the change to balance comfortable. Toxicity is what is implicated in prolonged withdrawal and continuous low-grade, ongoing anxiety. We find that in most conditions of anxiety that there is an over-stimulated nervous system caused by an accumulation of environmental neurotoxins. Therefore, we employ methods of toxin removal in order for the individual to remain drug-free without experiencing continued symptoms. Our methods also include careful medication taper techniques, natural substances to create neurochemical support, peer support, and several therapies to provide relaxing Librium withdrawal treatments including sauna, massage, acupuncture and meditation.

Our unique techniques have helped thousands discontinue medication and regain health. Because anxiety or other symptoms remain even if the drug is gone, for most individuals, rapid withdrawal from Librium won’t end their problems. We aim to offer long term relief and success. We teach our clients how to live happily, healthily and drug-free. We have professional counselors available to answer your questions now. Please call in order to understand the Librium withdrawal help that can be provided to you, or your loved one.

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