Klonopin Withdrawal 

Klonopin Withdrawal

Alternative to Meds Center knows that better answers are available besides taking Klonopin for a lifetime and struggling with Klonopin withdrawal. 

When discontinuing Klonopin, users can face Klonopin withdrawal symptoms, some of the most difficult drug withdrawal symptoms. We have uncovered many ways of Klonopin withdrawal help to simplify this process, considerably ease withdrawal symptoms and provide lasting relief. We know how to comfortably taper individuals off of benzodiazepines and help them through every step of the recovery process. 

Klonopin is the brand name for Clonazepam, a controlled substance which can cause physical and psychological dependence, a commonly prescribed benzodiazepine and when use is discontinued, it’s extremely likely that the user will experience Clonazepam withdrawal symptoms. If consumption is suddenly stopped, benzodiazepine withdrawal symptom severity may be elevated and possibly dangerous. Possible withdrawal symptoms include vomiting, hallucinations, and a rapid heartbeat. Therefore, it is crucial to have professional help before reducing your dosage or stopping consumption altogether. It is recommended to gradually wean off of this medication slowly with professional Klonopin withdrawal treatment to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Many people have reported the experience of withdrawal from Klonopin even when the dosage has been slowly lowered. The length of time you’ve been taking this medication and how high your daily dose is can affect the severity and duration of benzo withdrawal. For instance, a person who has been taking this drug for one month and stops is likely to experience mild withdrawal symptoms but, for someone who has been taking it for many years and at high dosages may require intensive benzo withdrawal treatment. Klonopin tapering is often not enough so we provide a multitude of treatments, therapies, and complimentary activities to assist the healing process.

Never stop Klonopin cold turkey, symptoms from discontinuing this drug without professional help include tingling sensations, vomiting, diarrhea, rapid heartbeat, heart palpitations, memory loss, amnesia, panic attacks, personality changes, depression, dizziness, sweating, restlessness, tension, sensitivity to light or sound, headaches, fever, insomnia and confusion.

Klonopin belongs to an addictive class of drugs called benzodiazepines, some individuals may suffer from addiction or Klonopin abuse and in these cases; it can be particularly beneficial to have inpatient or outpatient Klonopin withdrawal help. Do not be afraid to talk to people about getting help for withdrawal.  Even if you are addicted to this medication, or if Klonopin abuse is present, benzodiazepine withdrawal can be dangerous; but may be safely managed with the right medical help.

In order to understand why Klonopin drug withdrawal can feel so painful or even be dangerous, let’s look at the underlying reasons for why anxiety develops. Toxins, neurotoxins, and more toxins can build up in an individual’s system over the course of a lifetime. These toxins can develop the result of a nervous system that is overly stimulated. An example is pesticides. Pesticides that are created to kill insects, such as grasshoppers operate in the same way: The toxin permeates the exoskeleton, and then navigates its way into the nervous system. Pesticides make the acetylcholine channels in the nervous system remain open, and will not let these channels close. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is stimulating and will cause the grasshopper to jump. Consistent irregular acetylcholine influx puts the grasshopper into catatonia and eventually death. This is the way in which pesticides kill pests.

A collection of acetylcholine in humans has similar actions as it does in insects as the nervous system uses acetylcholine for stimulus too. Other toxins such as MSG mycotoxins which come from mold, heavy toxic metals, aspartame, and thousands of other chemicals that are in hygiene products or processed foods produce similar effects. Add to this effect an increasingly demanding workplace, a foundering marriage, and other factors of stress; it can be way too much. This is often where an individual is at before being medicated with benzos. Toxins also directly impact endocrine gland functions and often result in cortisol elevation, adrenal burnout, and hormone imbalances.

Our center include methods for these toxins to be safely removed. Our program also includes careful tapering techniques, use of natural substances for neurochemical support, removal of collected neurotoxins in the individuals system due to environmental sources and the drug, peer support, cognitive behavioral therapy, and many therapies to benefit these individuals by promoting relation including acupuncture, massage, sauna, and meditation.

For the majority of people suffering from this problem, rapid withdrawal treatment is not enough to relieve the problem since anxiety stays behind even once the drug is totally out of the body. Our aim is to offer treatment that leads to lasting relief from anxiety without prescription medication. Please call to know about the Klonopin withdrawal help that can be provided for someone you love, or for you.

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