Klonopin Withdrawal 

Klonopin Withdrawal

Tapering from Klonopin typically causes an extreme level of discomfort due to side effects that can prevent successfully tapering without professional help.

Klonopin is a commonly prescribed benzodiazepine drug, for anxiety, panic attacks and also for insomnia. The drug suppresses the central nervous system and causes a high rate of dependency and addiction, even after a short time. Tapering from Klonopin typically causes an extreme level of discomfort due to side effects that can prevent successfully tapering without professional help. Thus, taking Klonopin often causes a person to feel they are stuck with taking the drug far longer than they feel it beneficial.

Klonopin withdrawal symptoms often include:

  • aches and pains
  • heart palpitations
  • insomnia
  • loss of balance, loss of coordination
  • severe anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • suicidal ideation
  • and others

Preparing for Klonopin Withdrawal

At Alternative to Meds, neurotoxicity is cleared as much as possible from the body as a first action. Chelation, chelative sauna and other safe and gentle methods remove toxic elements from the body tissues. Neurotoxins, including excitotoxins such as pesticides, tend to lock up in the fatty tissues and are known to cause numerous side effects and symptoms such as:

  • overstimulation
  • insomnia
  • nausea
  • anxiety
  • racing heart rate
  • breathlessness
  • brain fog
  • and other uncomfortable feelings

Pesticides cause neurotoxic reactions not only to insects, but to humans. Over a person's life, various neurotoxins accumulate and can cause overstimulation to occur. When a person's system is overstimulated, as in an adrenaline rush, anxiety and feelings of panic can be very disruptive. These toxic molecules enter the body from breathing in chemicals, drinking chemical laden water, or eating chemical laden foods, for example. These harmful elements are not uncommon in today's world and Alternative to Meds Center works hard to help the person remove them from the body. It has been clearly shown that removing these neurotoxins from the body can bring much relief and markedly return the person to a calmer state, even before starting their Klonopin withdrawal treatment.

Important to note, the center uses non-neurotoxic cleaning materials, and offers its clients the best quality purified water, cleanest air purification methods, and clean food, free of pesticide residues and preservatives. These actions further support the removal and prevention of neurotoxicity and the damage it causes. This is done to prep the person for a much smoother and easier Klonopin withdrawal.

Not a Cold Turkey Approach to Klonopin Withdrawal

Alternative to Meds Center never withdraws the person too quickly or abruptly during Klonopin withdrawal. The FDA warns very clearly that to do so is an unsound approach that could lead to severe health problems such as:

  • seizure
  • cardiac arrest
  • stroke
  • convulsions
  • death

Alternative to Meds Approach to Klonopin Withdrawal Treatment

Instead, as with tapering any of the benzodiazepine drugs, a gradual stopping or tapering of the drug is done under careful monitoring of any withdrawal side effects that may begin to appear. The drug is tapered off slowly and safely, making sure that the withdrawal treatment is both comfortable and ultimately provides lasting relief. Many therapies are utilised to ease and even prevent side effects of Klonopin from presenting to any marked degree. During the withdrawal treatment the body undergoes many profound chemical and metabolic changes.

We address these changes by providing a program consisting of:

  • working with holistic health professionals and physicians
  • clean and nutrient dense diet
  • adequate sleep in comfortable quarters
  • mild exercise, yoga, outdoor walks and hiking, swimming, mineral baths, etc
  • individual counselling services
  • life coaching
  • peer support group work
  • nutritional support with food grade supplements, drinking plenty of purified water,
  • and many other components help boost the person's health back up to a robust level of good health and energy.

How to Find Help With Klonopin Withdrawals

If you are suffering with Klonopin withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • blurred vision
  • speech difficulties
  • episodes of paranoia
  • lingering unpleasant thoughts and memories
  • sore mouth, sore tongue
  • ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • severe headaches or other debilitating withdrawal symptoms

It may be time to seek professional holistic help with the Alternative to Meds Klonopin withdrawal treatment plan. Call today and ask an admissions staff for more information about enrolling in the program. It is possible to get your health restored and find relief from Klonopin withdrawal symptoms.

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