Diazepam Withdrawal 

Diazepam Withdrawal

Diazepam withdrawal (benzo discontinuation syndrome) occurs after a level of physical dependence has developed and a person has attempted dosage reduction.

The FDA and other regulatory bodies warn that physical dependence can form in as little as two weeks. Additionally, the FDA warns that Diazepam should never be stopped abruptly, due to potentially life-threatening consequences. But even small dosage cuts result in excruciating discomfort, which can make the process seem impossible to endure.

As a result, a person may feel trapped on a medication they no longer want to take, because the severity of withdrawals prohibits stopping the drug. Diazepam can create this tragic catch-22 scenario. The Alternative to Meds Center has been providing solutions to this medication trap for over a decade and may be the exact help you need right now.

Diazepam and other drugs present difficulties that may require inpatient care. Staff monitors our facility continuously 24/7 and the protocols used are designed to maintain the safest and highest standards of care, as well as client comfort so the taper process can be made more tolerable, and as stress-free as possible. Within our warm, friendly client population, residents receive encouragement and support from everyone around them, and can easily relate to one another, because they all are or were experiencing similar difficulties and understand the challenges very clearly.

Problems With Medication Withdrawal

Benzo drugs create such extreme changes in the CNS, brain function, and neurochemistry that clinical studies have shown that even slight reductions can produce seizures and other tremendously arduous complexities. Our gentle, multi-phased program is designed to prepare the client before the taper begins, so the person can better tolerate these changes.

Another difficulty that benzodiazepine drugs present is that even after a short time on them, the body adapts to the medication, and tolerance develops. When tolerance occurs, one's original symptoms can re-emerge, and the drug no longer effectively dampens them. These can be old symptoms coming back or can combine with new ones, almost as if the person is experiencing withdrawals while still taking their prescribed dose. Without careful monitoring and treatment, the situation can quickly escalate. Out of desperation, typically the prescribing physician may opt to raise the dose, to counter-act developing tolerance. This, however, is a short-sighted approach as the situation will recur even at higher and higher doses.

Many reports show that the higher the dose and the longer one is on Diazepam, the harsher and more protracted the withdrawals tend to be. We offer our clients a much more humane, comfortable way to solve the problem of Diazepam withdrawal.

Multi-Phase Medication Withdrawal Treatment

In the beginning phase of treatment, lab testing is performed to reveal any nutritional deficiencies, hormone/neurotransmitter deficits or imbalances, and also to scout for the presence of toxins. Neurotoxicity is typically found where anxiety, insomnia, and depression present. We then cleanse the body of these toxic materials, and at the same time flood the body with the targetted nutrients that are needed to restore balance. At the end of this phase, the clients tend to report sleeping better, experience less depression and anxiety, and begin to enjoy better appetite and an overall improved feeling of wellness. This is when we start to do the taper phase.

During the very gradual taper, the client receives a comprehensive combination of adjunct therapies and program activities, Some of these include therapeutic massage, low-temperature sauna, chelation, nebulized glutathione, spa treatments, mild exercise, and yoga stretching. We also offer valuable educational sessions on how to maintain healthy neurochemistry. Art therapy, as well as personal counseling and life coaching, and more provide additional support for our clients.

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